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  1. Whats the optimum working temp for processor cores, i hav ea quad which wsa running at about 70-85 c on all four, my son has pumped in a £6 fan (F 8 ) and its dropped down to mid 30s.
    He seems impressed, should i be??
  2. The general rule of thumb (apologies keep reediting this post) is as low as you can preferably get, if it's running at that temperature I would be prepared to get ready to buy a new computer. Though some processors are capable of being at that temperature, if you start seeing the BSOD as a result of over heating then be prepared to buy a new computer (well processor at least, but that's like buying a new computer anyways).

    I would not be impressed it running that those temperatures definately not, 30c is fine for a processor normal working temp usually from 30-49c is relatively fine.
  3. It depends a lot on what you are using your computer for, normal day to day applications and your processor should tick over 30-40c. If your kicking the arse out of it with 12hrs a day of high end gaming while running multiple apps then yes your processor will happily run at 70-85c, but dont expect it to last forever, a couple of hours a day at high temperatures won't hurt it.

    If a single (cheap) fan has made that much difference then I would say the people who put your PC together did a bad job of making sure your cooling was acceptable.

    Overclockers is a forum for people who max out their PCs all the time and they know a lot about it. Have a look at this link and at the bottom of the page is a list of similar articles. All will be answered.....

    What CPU core temperature is acceptable? - Overclockers Forums
  4. Mid 30s is fine, and much better than 70-85!

    You seem to be fine now but have a look at the air flow directions - where it comes in and out the case and what gets in the way in the middle (usually lots of cabling). If air is not flowing near the processor it will naturally run hotter than it should.

    Don't be mistaken by thinking that taking the side off the case that it will make it cooler, it won't.. It will just stop the air flowing where it is needed.
  5. I won't say very much but you may want to check out this guide (there's too many variables with this and I don't want to be responsible should you mess your computer up lol) why i always get a friend to do mine so I can blame him!!

    Here you go: How to Clean the Inside of a Computer: 11 steps - wikiHow


    You pretty much might as well put the actual CPU in the bin quite literally.

    PS Try to avoid using Micro ATX (common form factor for cases used) towers their a bitch to keep cool, good airflow is crucial nowadays!

    One thing I have to disagree with sorry I have kicked the ass out of mine for 18 hours at full wack and only got up to 66c, that's far too hot if it's 70c or above unless it's suited for over clocking.

    I mean my CPU personally is not suited for over clocking, but my graphics card is and that runs at around 65c even when I am not kicking the crap out of it lol.

    Best of luck with it anyhow.
  6. Thanks all, really useful.
    i have gone inside teh thing and it does appear to have been put together badly, only fan was teh single funnel type, and a small one on the graphics card.
    now it is at about 45 c normal running WOW, so life seem sgood, The comp is only about 6 months old
  7. A general rule with computers is the cooler the better. If you could keep it running at room temperature, you should do so. Colder would be better but might then risk condensation (which would be bad).
  8. It really depends on the processor (CPU). But 85 celsius is running close to TJMax for a lot of modern processors. TJ Max is just a fancy jargon bullshitters word for Thermal Juncture Maximum - in other words the temperature that the cpu is programmed to switch off at if it's heat sensors detect it hitting that point. TJMax for my intel i5 is 100 c - then it will shut down.

    So yeah, to get it down to 30 c is good going. You should have no problems at all at that temp ON A MODERN CPU. So look up the TJMax for your cpu and see what gives.

    A £6 fan is fine. Some are quieter than others and some have lights on - you pays yer money. Remember that they are dual-voltable - that is you can change the wires round and get them going at double-speed for increased 'coolness'. It doesn't add much to the leccy bill - it doesn't wear the fan out 'much' quicker - IT DOES cool your system down a lot more.

    I forget what the wirings and voltages are, so you probably shouldn't listen to me.

    However, your son seems to know what he is doing and has every right to be impressed if he really got that temp drop ;-)

    85 c is not far off burn out (sooner rather than later) and 30 c is pretty much 'stock'.

    Good job!

    Err, actually thinking about it. Are your absolutely sure this is the temperature on the cpu that has dropped this amount? I doubt very much that a £ 6 fan could exact that much cooling. Ok, best scenario - 70 c down to half that - 35 c. He must have fitted the fan directly over the cpu! That is not an ambient drop in temps. I would be very careful... It is hard to tell without your exact specs (cpu, are you OC'ing?)