Fan given red card over penis stunt

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. A football club in Holland has banned one of its supporters after he posed for a photograph with the local mayor with his penis hanging out.

    Mayor Wim Deetman did not realise the ADO Den Haag fan was exposing himself when he agreed to have his picture taken with him shortly after coming out of a meeting with club directors.

    It was only later, when the picture was circulated on the Internet, that Mayor Deetman realised what the fan had done.

    He is now taking legal action against the supporter and is awaiting the judge's verdict, reports the Nu news website.

    ADO Den Haag have also announced that the fan will no longer be welcome at its stadium.

    "To us, the incident is now closed," said chairman Ronald Langenbach.
  2. Which one is the penis?
  3. Top bloke if you ask me. Just what this world needs at the mo, some laughter. All doom and gloom. Plane crash today, whats tomorrow? I look forward to retreating to the North Yorkshire countryside and living a quiet existence.
  4. There would be nothing quiet about it............
  5. GH, QUIET in Yorkshire? 8O
    With Dale in the neighbourhood?
    What are you going to do, bind and gag her?
  6. I thought Dale lived in Carlisle !! And yes, I can be quiet. I live in a three bedroomed house on my own, and the neighbours complain they never hear or see me.

    Anywhoooo, back to the thread. The bloke in the picture should be given his own TV show. This world lacks laughter at the mo. All we ever hear is GW Bush this, Labour taxing that. I've even stopped reading newspapers cos it's all doom and gloom.
  7. But he is dutch.........
  8. Yes GH just what we need another penis on TV!
    Come on admit it, how many school photo's did you let it all hang out in?
    We've all seen your arrse....
  9. And? Every month I either pop over to Holland with work, or my Dutch colleagues come over here. They have an excellent sense of humour (albeit, not as good as the Brits) but better then ze Germans.
  10. And what a fine arrse it is too. I may start a poll up later, when Mr Blass has been to visit.
  11. Would you like a GH lucky bum poster Dale?
    I'm sure we can knock you up one.
    Lucky bum rub here? Like our pin-up one.
  12. Yes please!!!
  13. Will sort on Monday if I make it in! 8O
    GH the ARRSE pin-up boy, you just went national! :wink:
  14. Yep - BBC and I have decided you have the best butt, but I will be setting up a poll later to see if everyone else agrees. Even though you are the only one to have put a photo of your arrse on the site......

    No competition really.