Fan Blade retirement gift for a crab colleague

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by headgear, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Morning all,

    Before Sven or somebody like that gobs off I know this is an Army website and not RAF but I'm wondering if any fellow arrsers who also work with an RAF person have ever procured this weird fan blade on a plynth gift RAF lads want?

    If so where did you get it? I've tried all the RAF shops I can think of and generally searched the internet but no luck so far - its a retirement gift so I'd really like to get one if possible.


  2. Fan blade on a plinth? Do you mean one of the fan blades from a jet engine?

    like this?


    Not usually bought - usually made on base.
  3. Not so much made on base but from a scrap compressor or turbine, polished up and put on a plinth. Will have an ask in the bay here if they've got any gash ones knocking about, doubt they will due to the type of engines we helicopter types have :) but you never know.......
  4. Thanks for that qualitycrab - if you do find one I'll be interested though I still dont understand the attraction I d prefer a statuette or a watch personnaly.
  5. Two reasons I can think of.

    1. Provides a talking point, allowing boring crab dits to emanate from the owner if you make reference to the strange objet d'art.

    2. Provides a method of vetting daugthers' potential boyfriends. If they say "Oooo, what's that?" they pass the first test. If they say "Oh, another one of them engine blade thingys." they are obviously a crab, and should be thrown out of the house, as they are not good enough for your little princess. If they say "That looks like it comes from the second stage of a Tyne.........blah.........blah......blah" then they are geeky techy type that your daughter will be able to dominate, and will provide her all that she needs to keep her in the style to which she believes she should be accustomed to.
  6. I've seen bits of turbine/compressor on eBay in the past. Maybe have a look on there?
  7. My late father got a fan blade (suitable polished, mounted and engraved) from a RR Proteus gas-tubine on his retirement. My mother still has it. Makes an interesting conversation piece.

    I would have thought that a chat with the engine manufacturers may provide one?
  8. That or contact the Units and see if any have gone BER aand are due for disposal
  9. its an Officer thing. They want it to talk about whilst sipping their Gin and Tonic. Where as a Rock SNCO type would much prefer a junior officers head on a silver platta with the inscirption "progress". That or The SWOs Pace stick.

    The Mech guys At RAF Cranwell have hundred of these blade thingys lying about in the bay.....maybe contact them