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:) I've got to do this presentation type thing on somone famous. It can be anyone, but they have to have something to do with the military (and thats any military except american)... any ideas?

They need to be quite random i think and i need to know their connection with the military.

Any help greatly appreciated!! :lol:
7 years to Brigadier? was he a Movement Controller then?


Fd Marshall Bill Slim, from the ranks and turned around the 14th Army in Burma. Superb leader and in touch with all ranks. Would make a great presentation.
Dirty Sanchez said:
Poacher said:
7 years to Brigadier? was he a Movement Controller then?
Nope.......he was a Mason!
What, besides nothing, does that have to do with it?
So, who did you choose to present on?
Well.... as with all good army things...the topic changed!!!

For your interest though i ended up doing it on the Gallipoli Campaign, but there you go, Mr Gallipoli is after all a very famous millitarily connected person!!

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