Famous Wimmin With Dirty Names

Norma Stits
Anita Dick
Not exactly someones name, but funny.. And its real....


Lady Fiona Spunk-Trumpet.

(...of the Devonshire Spunk-Trumpets don't y'know)


Quis Separabit
Dr. Holly Goodhead.
(Is a fictional character from the 007 Movie Moonraker portrayed by Lois Chiles).
Not a Dirty name so much as somthing I spotted on the local weather report yesterday it was an inocent picture with the caption

Cumulonimbus over Bradley Stoke

Made me titter
There's a hackette who writes for the Times called Minette Martin. In Russian, minyet means blowjob. I've had some great fun at work showing the lasses her articles, and saying "shall we get her in here to work for us?"
Take's me back.

Years ago was watching the goggle box and between progs the compare said - words to the effect: "Next we have Fanny Craddock demonstrating how to make jam doughnuts and if you're joining in, I really do hope yours turn out like Fanny's".
firthy said:
Sticky Vicky

Well shes famous with anyone who`s been to Benidorm. Once pulled Red Rum out of her jack and danny.
shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up! 3 long fucking years its taken for the nightmares to stop. Bastard.
Jack Mehoff

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