Famous sporting servcemen / women

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dogs_bollox, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Watching the rugby yesterday and in my disappointment I got all nostalgic for the 'old days' of amateur rugby. The days of Underwood Carling etc.

    With modern, professional sports, have we seen the end of the service person doing well at world class level ?

    I was trying to think of all the people who made their names whilst serving. Were these the pre-cursors fo the modern professional ? Was being good a way of 'avoiding' doing real soldiering ??

    How about we comemmorate these great people by getting a list of them in one place along with whom, when and for how long they served ?

    No ??? aw well, it was just a thought :cry:

  2. No, lets not. I hate the cnuts.

    Whilst they buggered off playing whatever sport there was always someone who would have to do their share of the work, yet would get no where near the recognition of the person playing sport.

    Nice balance - I think not!
  3. Fcuking seconded! Apparently they're a good recruitment tool for the army. Yeah, we get even more workshy 'athletes' joining up and becoming allergic to uniform, exercises and ops.
  4. presumably you weren't a unit sportsman Dingerr

    The military thrive on team spirit, the sportsfield has its heroes, Kris Akabusi, Kelly Holmes.

    The choice to participate (or not) is an individual thing, whether at work on the pitch or on the tank park I still considered it to be work.

    Edit to add....And I wasn't brilliant at any of the sports I played, but represented the Unit anyway.
  5. Not just their share of the work - ALL of the work. As someone who has always sought to apply the full intricacies and standards of his trade, I have always felt bitter when some poster child gets promoted over his peers purely on the back of his sporting prowess. Abilities in trade should be the primary form of judgement, while sport/extra mural activities should be used as deciding factors for those who are similarly excellent in their trade.

    I wonder how many regimental duties Kelly Holmes did before she left the mob? Not fucking many I'll wager.

    And yes, I'm a fat knack. ;)
  6. To be fair she was too busy drinking from the furry cup.
  7. and eating from the bushy bowl.
  8. Circa 1989/90 our unit's QMSI was leaving. Mr Akabusi put in for it. He was politely told, "sorry you're not para trained". His reply was "But I'm Kris Akabusi"
  9. He then whispered 'Awooga' into the QMSI's ear and patted him on the fanny. The End. :D
  10. Bond. James Bond. Picking up gold medals today even though he has a colostomy bag.
  11. those chaps who wen to china for the rowing, cant mind their names or trade but they were officers :oops:
  12. .....whilst spattering said QMSI with 74 gallons of spit.
  13. Not in my trade. Pass course - get thrashed, pass another course - get thrashed somemore and it continues.

    I don't disagree, but then why does the system pick its favourites and allow the others to suffer, instead of integrating them into sport - it's rarely done nowadays as a result it infuences a breakdown of team spirit.

    And well done to them, but they should have fucked off and completed their sport without leeching off the Services and the poor buggers who had to undertake their workload. I wonder how many CRs Akabusi and Holmes received that truely reflected their all-round soldier skills.

    Unfortunately it's not an individual choice, much is about face-gauge. A coach or a manager will always have their favourites. Personally i was a bloody good hockey player before i joined the Army, playing at some decent levels. The work based thrashing I commented on above put an end to all that.

    Well done you. But judging by your username you are from an era long past. Sad as this seems, its unlikely to change.
  14. IIRC there was a Nigerian sprinter, 4x100m Relay Bronze @ '04 Olympics...

    RLC I think..
  15. Was he relocating the kitty?