Famous serving/Ex Military musicians

Are there any famous serving or ex-military musicians (apart from James Blunt, obviously)?

Glen Miller :lol:

Wasn't Graham"Suggs" Macpherson of Madness a Guardsman?
Billy Bragg.

I'm thinking contemporary and to define it further - guitar based rock with a thumping beat, and yes there is a hidden agenda here ;)

Jimi Somerville. Now there's a man's man!
Jimi Hendrix
One of Motorhead's guitarists - who left a few years ago - Wurzel.
Watty Buchan from the Exploited - ex Royal Scots

I reckon the recently sacked bassist from The Darkness (Frankie Poullain) must have been SAS...have you seen his moustache?!!!:wink:
I hate to pizs on msr's hidden agenda but to save begining a new thread, are there any celebritys in general, (singers, actors, comedians etc.)
Jimi Hendrix
I just think its nice that the chinless wonder James Blunt has give us all a new rhyming slang for a word beloved of soldiers everywhere
How the hell has Blunt become a bloody Brit award winner. He writes sh*tty schoolboy lyrics - "you're beautiful, you're beautiful it's true, you're beautiful, you're beautiful and I don't know what to do". That is pretty piss poor prep. He has a girly voice with no soul and the charisma of a bleached dishcloth. On the other hand, he's an ex-bill oddie so fair play to the weasely talent-vortex.
Well it didn't take too long for this to turn into a James blunt bashing thread, theres plenty of others about.
Axl Rose
Bruce Dickinson
What about Billy Connolly. Yeah I know he's a comedian, but he was also in The Humblebums and he's damned fine on the guitar, banjo and harp. Ex 4 PARA (V) I think.

Shaggy (the reggae star, not scooby's sidekick) ex-USMC.

Julian Bream - world-famous classical guitarist - UK National Service, although most people of that generation did.

Me, of course. I'm not famous yet but just wait.
Audie Murphy wrote many country songs including "Shutters and Boards". I know because my old man used to torture us by playing them in thecar if we went on holidays.

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