Someone stole Napoleon's penis during the autopsy of the aforementioned deceased - it was later described as "shrivelled... roughly only a few inches in length". Apparently this was the result of just one of many illnesses and ailments that ol' Boney suffered from.

....I s'pose this wasn't what you were after?

EDIT: Bugger, it's mentioned in that link... next time I'll click the link before posting :roll:
Brendan Behan BAA had an enormous knob. He used to lie it surreptitiously on a bar stool behind an unsuspecting colleen and then tap her on the shoulder and point at his touser snake! Collapse of good Catholic girl usually ensued, Behan very tickled with his prank.

On his last night on earth, the Borstal boy went through the unzipping and laying out routine and then approached fair young maid. She screams and her three huge brothers turn around and promptly kick six shades of fcuk out of the playwright and erstwhile Republican volunteer bomber. Behan as per usual is highly bevvied and crawls off home to lair. Unfortunately beating has resulted in massive internal bleeding and poor old BB croaks in the night during alcoholic coma.

Harold Pinter? - Fcuking lightweight!!
I suspect that Jude Law is a big d*ng not that he has a big d*ng.
On reflection I'm up for it.

Do you want me to give or take or dabble with a bit of both?

Before you climb into my claypit lube me up and make me feel special then once I'm aroused I'll be a right filthy little b1tch.

Part of my mating ritual, after I've blown my beans is to grab my partner by the throat, bite his nose off and stick my thumbs in his eyes before ramming a fire extinguisher up his bunghole.

PM me if you fancy an evenign of manlove

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