famous last words

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    "Fuckin *******" Five Alpha
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  2. "What the fuck was that"
    - The Mayor of Hiroshima

    "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."
    - Major-General John Sedgwick
  3. "Bet you I can jump that barrier gobby"

    Jean Charles de Menezes.
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  4. "Getting warmer... Getting warmer...."
    Sonny Gibson, 2010
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  5. I told you i was ill !,

    Spike Milligan wanted this but the sad saps watered it down.

    He said he was glad harry secombe died before him as he didnt want him singing at his funeral
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  6. "Whats going on dad?..."

    Marvin Gaye - 1984
  7. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    "Here, hold my my beer..."
  8. Just enough to make me sleep doc please.

    Jackson, M
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  9. "Hmmm...hmmmf...nuuuugggghhh...gaaaaahhh..."

    Michael Hutchence - 1997.
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  10. "Hold my beer and watch!"
    "Meh, those snakes are not venomous"
    "That riffle isn't loaded"
  11. 'Fuck me, that gorilla in the mist can use a machete' - Dian Fossey
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  12. "Don't worry, it's not loaded"

    Terry Alan Kath (January 31, 1946 – January 23, 1978), born in Chicago, Illinois, was the original guitarist and founding member of the rock band Chicago. He died in early 1978, eight days before his 32nd birthday, from an unintentional self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  13. It's only a stingray...
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  14. "Look mam, no hands"