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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by countdokku, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. I would like to congratulate MI5/JTAC on a truly spectacular act of self-buggery.
    To write a report that says no group has both the intention and capability to carry out an attack on the UK, just a few weeks before 7/7, is up there with the WWI General who said "They could'nt hit an elephant at this dis-".

    Since we now face the same threat as Israel, maybe it's time to remake MI5 & MI6 in the image of Shin Beth and the Mossad.

    Oh sorry, I forgot; Cherie Blair never met a suicide-bomber she would'nt go down on and Tony's too pussy-whipped to back up his tough words with action.

    Some people say I go too far. I say there's no such place.
  2. Actually US civil war - his name escapes me.
  3. "what indians ?" General George Armstrong Custer

    "relax, its only one bomb" The Mayor of Hiroshima

    "we are quite safe in this harbour" Captain of the USS Cole.
  4. the 'elephant' man was General John Sedgewick (and indeed they were his last words)

    Its not really his fault for the above stooopid quote. He was trained with and commanded troops armed with smoothbore muskets. The rifled beasts that he was facing that day had at least 4 times the accurate range he was used to.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I know a bloke in the US who works in the law enforcement community and he notes down last words of various crims.
    He reckons that the most popular is a heartfelt "SH1T !"

    Another one that crops up from time to time and always raises a smile is words to the effect of:
    "You haven't got the guts to pull that trigger..."
  6. "I told you I was ill"

    Spike Milligan

    Well not actually his last words but he wanted it on his tombstone
  7. "Bugger Bognor!"

    Edward VII
  8. no, don't cut that wir..... (ATO's last words?)
  9. Thought that was George V, but it matters not-still a 'kin excellent line.

    How about "I heaven I shall hear" Beethoven and "Thank God I have done my duty" Nelson

    Apparently George Haig-multiple murderer around the time of WW2 was asked for any last requests on his way to the gallows-he asked for a scotch then turned to the warden and added "I think I'll make it a double"-style.

    A french traitor about to be executed at dawn is alleged to have smiled when asked for his last words and said "I never could get the hang of thursdays"
  10. "Careful son, the safety's not on.."
  11. "Aye, let the chick Drive for once" Challenger Shuttle Co-Pilot.
  12. William Pitt on his death bed apparently said "I think I could eat one of Bellamy's pies..." How wrong he was!

    Tim Greyman, US climber of my acquaintance (RIP Tim), as he fell shouted "When you gotta go, you gotta go..." That is the epitome of sang-froid. I'd like to think I would be as cool but I know I would probably say something banal like "b*ll*cks" or "oh no, not like that..."
  13. The actor Robert Harris, on being stretchered out of the Ritz Hotel where he lived. As he passed the people entering the Grill:

    "Whatever you do don't eat the fish."
  14. Please tell me he's put them online somewhere..
  15. No doubt it made a change from his own urine, which he apparently drank whilst awaiting trial in a futile attempt to demonstrate that he was insane, so that he would not hang.