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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PoisonDwarf, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Just reading an article online (sorry to say it's the Daily Hate) and found out that archetypal cad and bounder Terry Thomas used to be in the Royal Corps of Signals.

    I say! What a bounder.


    I never knew that. What a legend! He was called up in 1942 and made it to Sergeant before being demobbed.

    Yeah I know it probably doesn't merit a new thread but hey ho.
  2. Chris Akabussi of course. Also the Rugby League player at Wigan; Billy Boston (debut in '53 and scored a total of 571 tries).
  3. Eco-friendly adaptor of useful junk, Dick Strawbridge.
  4. Of course this merits it own thread PoisonDwarf. Good on you.

    He was a very funny man and gave pleasure to millions of people who

    remember him with gratitude and affection.

    I am proud of the fact that he served with us.

    We have lately developed an Army reputation for being perhaps geeky,

    but we have had some very, very funny blokes through our ranks.

    God bless 'em.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Drinking,Infidelity,whoring,Cadishness! Are you joking the mans picture should be in every mess the Corps has as an example to aspire to.
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Aki! now there is a Cad of the first order, he owes me big time and refuses to cough up!
  7. I was told a story once that he had a part time job in Germany dancing in the nightclubs wearing his most outrageous running gear. Crazy person!
  8. Missed opportunity there.

    He would have made a great Master Of Signals.

    I say.............
  9. Never knew about Terry Thomas. What a shame he died penniless and forgotten by his peers. I hope his army career was an eventful one and not a "terrible shower". Hellllllooo.
  10. Famous Ex-Corps members? Worrabout me?

    Famous for my store of por... ahem, artistic magazines at Ouston

    Famed for being the barman at CiCi's in Herford and for having my bird store her naughty gear in my room until discovered during an unrelated RMP search "No sir, I'm not a tranny!" :oops:

    Famous for my crap fight with Kid C**ry at Wilders - "7 Days, march him out"

    Famous for sending 264 into Switzerland with my off the cuff remark about cuckoo clocks....

    I'm famous ok... I've heard lots of people refer to me as "a fcukin' star alright..."

  11. What the hell is that bout? Do tell..........
  12. Gordon Banks. Served in Germany with the R Sigs in the early 50s.
  13. "264"


    I was part of the hunter force during one of those mid 80's selection excercises that took place near the Schweizer Grenze and some of us, me included were nobbled to be agents.

    Y'know the score, "meet with a friendly agent for your food and next grid" etc.

    Well, I'd done me bit for the day and we were waiting for more people to rock up at the agreed location about dark o' clock that night. So, I'm having a fag in the middle of this forest about 5km from the border when a bush began to speak to me.

    I realised that I wasn't hallucinating and saw that it was one of the course participants dressed in hessian and rags. Up to this point, I'd been talking to them in german which flummoxed all the bright boys who'd probs been learning russian or arabic or summat.

    He was trying to ask where the next grid was and the food etc. The poor sod was totally done in so I took mercy and said that he could quit trying the german cause I was english (Dressed in Bundeswehr uniform) and that I didn't know until I got my next orders with all that info.

    This guy keeps trying thinking that it's all exercise play and that I'm being coy. Finally I lose my rag a little and tell him, "Look mate I don't feckin' know alright?" He says "Well what do we do in the mean time?" "I dunno mate just be patient" "Yeah but what are we supposed to do for the next part of the mission?" and here it comes.....

    Speedkuff - "Christ mate, I don't feckin' know why don't you go and buy a feckin' cuckoo clock? You're feckin' close enough....."

    Fast forward a few hours and a call to see one of the 264 Bosses... Ulp!
    "What orders did you give and why?" I then explain as above and ask, "Erm, um, why Sir?" "'Cause a load of the feckin' idiots just crossed the border into Switzerland and when caught began blabbering about feckin' cuckoo clocks"

    "Ohhhhhh sh1t...Sir"

    "Don't worry son, their fault, like your style" Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Exit slightly damp trousered Sig Speedkuff back to his location.....
  14. Another famous signals character was David Niven, of Pink Panther fame.

    David Niven was actually a member of the specialist Phantom Signals Unit, and was responsible for reporting and locating enemy positions, bomb lines and also keeping rear Commanders up to date on changing battle lines. Niven was posted at one time to Chilham in Kent. Eisenhower was so disappointed with communications difficulty on D-Day that he personally ordered a Phantom Unit to be attached to his headquarters.

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  15. Bob, I stand to be corrected, but I always understood that David Niven

    returned from Hollywood at the outbreak of war and joined the Rifle


    Much as I would like to claim him, I don't think that we can go pinching

    famous people from other mobs. They won't like it.

    Once again, I apologise if I have it wrong.