Famous ex-army people that my son wouldve heard of

I've got a 15 year old son who is obsessed with pop-stars and celebrities (if you count Big Brother stars as such). Hes about to do some work experince and has asked us (his parents) for some advice.

I want to show him that the army has produced some famous people in its ranks. I know of many but other than James Blunt hes not heard of any.

Does anyone know of any others that will help convince him that he should at least give it a thought?
Kelly Holmes and Akabusi are an excellent start. I want to be able to drop them into conversation easily so keep them coming. any links to former topics much apreciated
and his mate Harry Secombe, they met when Spike's gun leapt out of its chocs and he was sent down the hill in N Africa to look for it.

He saw HS's gun emplacement and said "anyone seen a gun" and HS said "what colour?"

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