Famous Corps members from the past

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TomNewman, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. On the RAOC forum we were reminiscing over well known characters who served with our corps especially during National Service times.
    I seem to think that the RLC can proudly claim Kriss Akabussi and Dame Kelly Holmes amongst their ranks., but who are the others.

    The RAOC had the following:

    Boxers Henry Cooper and his twin brother Jim(George)

    Playing for N0. 2 Training Battalion in 1950 was Alan Batsford who played for Arsenal and went on to become manager of Wimbledon and took them into the Football League from non-league football.

    Geoff Strong who went on to play football for Arsenal and Liverpool.

    Jimmy Lloyd the Olympic bronze medalist boxer was down at 1 Trg Bn. (about 60/61)

    Duncan Edwards & Bobby Charlton of Man Utd fame both served in the Corps during National Service in the RAOC 1955-1957 and were stationed at CAD Nesscliffe near Shrewsbury. Both were allowed weekends & leave to play for Manchester United when needed.

    In 1957 in j company 17 btn. at Bicester, the platoon Cpl. was Geoff Sidebottom, who played for Wolves at that time then got a transfer to Aston Villa.

    Nicky Gargano Olympic Silver medal 1960 at Welterweight (should have been Gold, he was robbed) I think he was stationed at Chilwell.

    Colin Milburn the England Cricketer was at 15 ABOD Emblem sometime in the late 1960s.

    Mike Merino, a well-known tv wrestler

    Nicky Gargano was at Chilwell in 1954 and came back from the Commonwealth/Empire games in Canada with a boxing gold medal.

    Peter Jackson, Coventry and England rugby player served his NS at Blackdown.

    But what celebrities did the other founding corps have amongst their ranks?
  2. There's actually been quite a few. In no particular order, they are:

    Barry Humphries
    Alan Turing OBE
    Sir Ian McKellen

    I've no idea what attracted them to the RAOC in the first place though.
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  3. Methinks you might not be right on this one. Homosexuality was illegal during National Service and possibly for the entire time the RAOC was in existance.
    Besides Liberace was an American and Dame Barry Humphries is an Aussie.
  4. Don't forget Julian Clary, Graham Norton, Jimmy Somerville and Paul Gadd.
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  5. Wasn't the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine a Loggie?
  6. Obviously younger members of the RLC years
  7. Somebody has to be in charge
  8. Really?

    Well I never, I'd always thought Mr Humphries was originally from Barry Island, Wales.
  9. Oh well if he's Welsh that explains it all.
  10. No wonder supply was shit during notional service, every bugger was away playing sport.
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  11. You forgot Russell Grant
  12. Ian Beale. Its where he learned to work in a Chip Shop
  13. It's rumoured that Jim Bowen was an AT.
  14. Kriss Akabussi was in the Sigs, so not surprising he went to the APTC as soon as he could!
  15. Notable Achievements

    In the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, the Royal Logistic Corps had the most athletes from the British Army competing in the Games. These were Private Musa Audu (Nigeria), Private Seidu Duah (Ghana), Lance Corporal Josephus Thomas (Sierra Leone) and Corporal Joselyn Thomas (Sierra Leone). Private Audu achieved success at the Olympics when he was part of 4 x 400m relay final that won the Bronze medal for Nigeria.