Famous Corps chaps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Yes

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  3. Do not know

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  4. I think so...

  5. Actually they were not that famous after all...

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  6. Had a run in with the press thats all...

  7. They were cleared of all charges in the end...

  8. I have said too much... Sorry CR...

  1. According to Wikipedia:

    Prominent members of the Intelligence Corps

    Tony Hart, Artist, presenter

    William Roache (Ken Barlow), Actor

    Did anyone in the forum serve with these jokers... erm chaps?

    Can anyone else name other "famous" types that served in our beloved Corps? And when I say famous I don't mean for leaving a pistol in a loo...
  2. Leonard Rossiter?
  3. Didn't David Niven serve witht the Corps?
  4. I thought that but I think it's a lie... :roll:
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    No. He was in the HLI as a regular and then joined the Rifle Brigade in 1939. He served in the 'GHQ Liaison Regiment', alias 'Phantom', for most of WW2.
  6. John Buchan, author of 'The 39 Steps'.
  7. NTTT?

    Yes....I know that she serves with the Corps. It's more a plea for help with the matter, as she's CTTM (Closer To The Museum...)
  8. Is her avatar the new sign for the museum? Just found it on the Corps website?
  9. Mike Jackson

    Enoch Powell

    Another 2 fairly well known pple
  10. We've got a wibsite? Uckin Hell. I thought that as Ashford was only hooked up to the 'leccy system this year, it would take them a while to find www.www.co.uk

    Actually, is www.www.co.uk a valid www.websiteaddress.com? And how many people will click on it to find out? New thread me thinks...
  11. Howay - what a sad shopping site spotter you are..............
  12. Well, that's one... :D I take it that it a valid address...
  13. Laurens van der Post, author. One of his books, “The Seed and the Sower” was made into the film “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence”.

    He was a Captain in the Corps in World War 2. and served in Abyssinia, Palestine and the Dutch East Indies. He was captured in Java by the Japanese.
  14. They can't have been members of ICAREC. I mean look at their profiles after their Corps careers:

    Tony Hart - Plasticene Manipulator


    Ken Roach - Married half woman half giant turtles neck


    And heres one of his adorable wife:


    Mind you, if you look closely it does somewhat resemble Gail Platt


  15. Sorry to butt in guy's not being int corps and all that, but wasn't Tony Hart a Gurkha Officer