Famous civies from Munsterlager

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by dumbstruck, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody remember the Barber whose nickname was HEER CUTT who used to tell you what was going on in the Regiment. Also the car dealer from down town called Tony the Sp*ck, (name amended for PC reasons) anybody else remember other civies follow the thread.

    Spr -LCpl 26 AES 86-92
    Good times
  2. I was there 89-94 Spr-Lcpl 31 AES, excellant times, mostof them down in our bar under the block.

    Sorry can't remeber to many names of civies, but how about the guy that rolled around the training area in his snack wagon, was he called 'Woolfy' ??
  3. The guys full name was Wolgang who used to be able to find us no matter how hard we tried to cam up, also he was able to go anywhere without bogging in, the guy was a legend. Visited Munsterlager recently everything has now changed, it is now full of Russians and Turks.
  4. Wasn't he called Herr Flick? :wink: Big Charlie......and his portraits :twisted:
  5. I will enquire reference said Big Charlie have'nt heard of him recently, all drinking holes now closed that were used during our time, did not make any money after the closure of Dennis Bks, due to the Germans all going home for the weekend.
  6. Also Herr Cutt/Flick used to look like the German tank commander from Kelly's Heroes.
  7. Big Charlie! now theres a blast from the past, and Mrs Dalboas, she would smile and serve you food whatever state of puke, piss, blood you were in! Oh and few famous ladies in the ...er.... Blokhutte ..... apparently!
  8. wolfy is renowned throughout the corps/army.

    knew all the harbour areas & was always there with a fricky & a yellow handbag. :D :D :D :D
  9. I have spoken with someone from Munsterlager and Big Charlie is still around. Dennis Bks is now completely changed, if anybody would like to see the changes then I will post some photos in the next couple of weeks, let me know if there is enough interest.
  10. i was over there a few years ago carrying out a trial at a German test facility and managed to get round the camp....and took a few pics..including one of the Blockhutte 8) hehehe :party:
  11. One of my wifes relatives now own and live in the old 31 Sqn Offices, sounds weird but they have made it nice, but as I have said in previous threads 26 Sqn Offices have assylum seekers living their, so nothing changed then.
  12. Monica from the Sportsfreund.

    Re the Barber, I remember when Steve **** from 32 Wksp went to get his afro done down to a Number 1, and when the bloke put his clippers in his hair, they just ground to a halt.

    Any-one remember the blond in the Sparkasse, and also the 2 girls from the hairdresses (Toni's IIRC), who used to brush up really close to you when giving you a neck-shave.

    ECE 32AER Wksp 80-83

    If you go on the BAOR site, there are loads of piccies of how the camp is now:
  13. Frau Marquadt was the name of the blonde who used to work in the Sparky bank, I remember people being more afraid of her than the RSM.
  14. Not the old one in the bank, the young one (23ish), who always seem to have time for 32 guys, even if it meant going overdrawn, but she would never allow 1ADTR to do it. I am sure she was dating Pete the Tels Tech for a period of time (80-83)
  15. the barber...(Hans) went with 32 to Hohne, did barbering for a few more years then went into the QM dept, and did the POL point

    id heard that Charlie had popped his cloggs

    Wolfie, used to do the rounds at Hohne camp aswell for a few years but i believe he has also popped his cloggs now

    Monica is married

    The dalbo family who owned the pizzaria and le fluer, have moved away after Ivan Dalbo died quite a few years ago...if i remember they have gone back to Italy