FAMIS whats the point?

FEMIS good or bad?
do ya use it or not?
if my recent hair loss(not a form kemo off the screen)is anything to go by its not what do you think????????? ;) :mad: :-X
FEMIS......in its infancy, it did what it need to do, and did it well. However asual in MOD circles too many people (officers) who do not have the faintest idea when it comes to IT systems, stuck their little fat fingers in the FEMIS pie. Since then it has rapidly gone down hill. The good side is that it is piggy backed onto UNICOM, and its a great source of amusement when FEMIS crashes and drags UNICOM to a grinding halt....
What else would you expect from a company that won the contract by undercutting the competition....you only get what you pay for......
If your reading this and happen to work in procurement circles remember this...Horse sh1t is cheap because it is a bi-product, its the horse thats expensive.......
FEMIS, what a great system should have had it years ago, oh we did, crap then though, kept crashing or going off line, just like now.Nothings changed much then apart ,from the piggy back, not our fault.
but to end you have to love it dont you, 21st  century and all that.
I think it's OK, all systems crash at some point, in fact, my unit's 'old' PC has just crashed, losing all our gucci MS based registers.
At least when FEMIS dies, you still have most, if not all of your data in the system able to be retrieved.
FEMIS is getting better all the time, esp the Managers ability to manage - retrieving deleted kit, assigning roles etc.
Then again, I'm a tiffy - what do I know ;D  
What Planet are you on??  FEMIS is GARBAGE!  The only good thing about FEMIS is the excuse to get away on FEMIS user groups once a month to meet old buddies and have a good yarn! ???
FEMIS is utter bollocks. You get fucked off working with it, and it's only main use is for sending the RSM hate mail using other peoples log in and password  ;D. At my unit, the best thing aboot FEMIS is the printer, because the paper is throughly absorbent.
Just come of a DEME(A) conference, and after digitisation, FEMIS will be scrapped. To bring BOWMAN in line with our IT, the MOD are in talks with Microsoft to purchase of the shelf software for our REME needs...

At last, havn't we been telling them this for years..

It will have GUI, be windows based.

So now there will only be one PRINT key, not like now with F9, Esc, Del etc...

The only difference will be a MOD suffix.

look out 2004, here comes Windows3.11(MOD)

There will be an A2 version out in 2010, but to prevent it crashing that must be defragged every 30 minutes!!!

Please will someone make Future FEMIS so idiot proof that the folks at your local ES Branch can actually retrieve the information, rather than ask poor old units to run queries, then put it into Excel, then post it?  Or alternatively, will someone please teach ES Branches how to use it?

Great system, great idea, but a pain in the bum when it comes to R2.
Funnily enough, the FEMIS Focal Point at 1 Div is starting to think that way, I'm part of a trial to see if the SOs at Div can understand the MEAR return on FEMIS :-/

Now I just need to convince my ASM, QM (T) & EME that Dot Matrix print is not dangerous and can actually be deciphered :mad:

Currently we run Data queries and then transpose the information manually onto Excel spreadsheets - makes sense - NOT!
Now, who do I know who works in ES Branch???

I've been there 6 months, and I havn't seen FEMIS!!!

Excel, the way forward.......
Dot matrix.... my how the army advances in terms of technology!  I like the way that FEMIS doesn't talk to GLOBAL, so you have to print out a piece of paper, walk it 100m, and someone else re-inputs all the data!  Cracking stuff!  When are we going to implement an army wide system - I mean you can buy SAP off the shelf - that's what the big firms use!
Having seen FAMIS from the start and hating it, and luckily now being at a unit that does not have it, I have developed a PC based system running on Windows.  Using MS Access.  It will produce all your reports and returns in a format that is easy to read and from laser or inkjet printers.  We are running it on our own LAN with 7 systems working from the same database.  In a recent TECH Eval the reporting officer committed that “ Moving to F*MIS will be seen as a step backwards” I suppose as close to admitting it’s a good system as the cooperate line will allow.  We are in Wiltshire so anyone is welcome to contact me and arrange a visit to see it in all its glory.  If you would like an evaluation copy to use yourselves (if you do not have F*MIS, or even if you do) a user can be taught to use the system in 1 hour, it has a full gooey interface.  I’ve posted this here because every time I’ve tried to get this system even looked at by the powers that be I get the F*MIS is the corporate answer routine.
Why do so many people swim against the tide of progress?  I've been assured that whenever the grey box and keyboard in the corner of the office actually works, it will provide a quantum leap (TM) into the future of equipment management.  Never mind mate, I'm sure your system has all the bells and whistles but the chances of it being allowed to be spread about by the powers that be must be slight.  Or am I wrong?  Anyway thank the lord that my unit hasn't got the deployable crap for our imminent bucket and spade holiday.  ;D ::) ;D

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