Family WW1 Postcards?

Was shown a family collection of WW1 Postcards a few days back, it contained numerous pics of territorial units from which I believe I traced a relations service history.

The prewar ones are from the Territorial 7th (Robin Hoods) Bn Sherwood Foresters, their are no war postcards from this unit but their is one from the 21st Bn Sherwood, which I believe was also Territorial.
So would it sound sensible that all those not electing to serve overseas would be moved to the 21st Bn or 2/7th SF?? I was under the impression that territorials stayed within their Territorial Regiment?

Lastly the medal records find this same family member as being in the Durham Light Infantry and I also found postcards from 2/6th DLI, which joined the 59th (2nd North Midland) Division as a garrison Bn in 1918. I understand that in WW2 drafts would be sent from regiment to regiment but when did this start (around this time 2 Bns of the Robin Hoods disbanded, maybe he was drafted elsewhere)??


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