Family Values

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Dashing_Chap, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Evening chaps & chapesses!

    I was sitting in the local Council offices earlier as I’m due to leave the area & so have to tell them I’m off, I began to get a little misty eyed at the whole prospect of leaving, but since the process took a while I started to take notice of my surroundings.

    Is it me or are there a significant amount of single young mothers about, each with bleached blonde hair & street clothing, with a string of multi-coloured children named after the latest sports car? I’ve recently noticed there’s a fair few in the United States too.

    Now I have perhaps, an idealistic view on family life. I like to think that when & if I finally settle, then I’ll meet the right girlie & we’ll have children & a house etc. I do not plan to run off & abandon them & divorce would be the very last thing on my mind. I am of the opinion that if you are unable to live with your partner for a significant amount of time then one should not rush to have children.

    I wonder, do women have the same perspective? Do they not wish to have a standard family with the father present? I observe many that get pregnant then complain that they have to look after children by themselves & can’t go out the weekend anymore. Perhaps they should have considered the results of pregnancy first? I know of one girl who had a child then gave it away as she wasn’t able to look after it. All this seems quite unusual to me because when I have a child I would want to support it as best I could. My life should be dedicated to their advancement & support, which is why I am in no rush to settle at the young age of 24.

    I also wonder if they have considered the likelihood of meeting another man after the split? If some young, milf, filly provided an interest in me then, depending on her hotness, I would be obliged to satisfy myself, but certainly no more. My friends & some other fellows will all attest that they are not willing to provide for some other chaps mistake in this situation.

    Do I have a myopic view? Is a family in the traditional sense an unrealistic goal? Isn’t this what most women want too :?

    There was a programme on Channel 4 last night regarding ‘sex in the noughties’, I gathered that there may be some rumpy-pumpy & assorted filth involved so watched with an unhealthy interest. :lol: One remark was quite profound however, as one lady speculated that ‘due to the freedom of sexuality, people will no longer desire merely one partner & monogamy will be less likely’. This struck me as quite worrying as it blows the entire ‘family values’ principle clean out of the water.

    It seemed even more profound as I observed my immediate surroundings in the Council office. Is this to be the way of the new world? Am I old fashioned for wanting such things? Are meaningless, pointless, relationships primarily for sexual gratification the way forward? If so then my theory for ultimate contraception ‘young ladies taking it in the bum’ should have a bright future. :)

    Naturally this can’t be compared to the couples that have tried with the best intentions & unfortunately failed in relationships, but I must emphasise the ‘young mothers’ mentality is what I wish to point out, who have children at a young age for bizarre reasons, perhaps because their friends do or they need something to love? Then become divorced in instant. Young idiot fathers are equally to blame, especially if they provide no support for their own mistakes. I understand that the whole thing is rather controversial I’ve no wish to offend anyone & of course some children can be brought up in divorced marriages with no problem at all. But I still think the best solution for a family is Father/Mother/Child.

    Your thoughts?

    I remain, &c,

  2. at 24 yrs old i feel we have grown in the same era however i have got to ask where the fuk you've been for the last 10 years??

    being of essex origin i grew up with many single mums who had cock instead of maths and dealt with it.

    Tank off your tank top and put down the pipe and then smash yourself into a mirror....this isn't the 1940's and who cares how many parents/partners/kids you have as long as all involved are well and loved then crack on
  3. I rarely post in here but your message just screamed out 'TWAT' It must be pretty cold up in the lofty fecking heights of Perfect Plateau. Get a grip and stop being so naive. I pity any girl with or without kids who falls for your 'charms'. Do you read the Daily Mail by any chance??
  4. How many times have you appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show? :roll:
  5. :lol:

  6. Fraid not Mr/Ms Cookie, more so the Telegraph, which part of my post offended you? I'm merely pointing out that I'd like to have a traditional family & support any possible children & am rather concerned about the 'current trend', is my ambition not an honourable thing to desire?

  7. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. So you agree that traditional family values arent worth anything but the epidemic of chavs breeding just for the sake of it is acceptable and the way ahead for a decent, stable society?
  9. I think the venerable Mr Flash may have grasped my perspective, my initial worry for the future is, at this rate, finding a young lady in her late twenties or early thirties who isn’t persuaded by this particular fashion & already engaged with the effects of another party.

  10. Can I just point out that although traditional family values are important, not everyone has a choice in the matter.

    Not every man walks out on his kids and not every woman can foresee a life of single motherhood when they have a child with their partner/spouse.

    Equally, not all men recoil at the prospect of getting involved with a woman who has a child/children and not all single mothers are teenage, jobless chavs.....some single mums work for a living and juggle careers aswell as motherhood.....fancy that eh! :)

    Incidentally, some of the worst behaved and brought up children I have seen are in two parent families.

  11. supernanny a good example
  12. Working single mums aren't actually the problem. The underclass breeding like its Watership fucking Down is the issue.

    If youre a single mum, youre obviously crap at keeping hold of your bloke. :roll:
  13. Some just have crap blokes that they don't want to keep hold of :)
  14. You know what...I agree with you...I deal with the fall out of 'society' every fecking day as part of my job but traditional family values are subjective dont you think. Its not as simple as sitting in a council office and making judgements against people purely based on what they look like, your expectations of their behaviour or the stereotypical chav norm. What makes someone a chav? Am pretty sure my opinion will differ to yours. Case in point....some hotel bans a soldier based on their own experiences of having soldiers stay....poor judgement? Yes! Assuming all soldiers will behave in a particular way??
    The point I am trying to make is that tradition also has alot to answer for and while the cosy image of domestic bliss with mummy, daddy and the kids sits pretty in the minds of those who strive to achieve this ideal for some it has never featured on their radar for a whole raft of reasons beyond a bunch of chavs endlessly churning out babies.
    Invest in a good crystal ball because that way you will be able to foresee any problems in your future marriage and thus avoid the terrible event of a broken home with daddy living elsewhere...or worse still....having to endure the trauma of a r'ship with someone with kids when your on marriage has failed and you try to pick up the pieces of your life.
    Or become a monk!!
    Or live in a brothel
  15. or blokes they cant because their too promiscious etc

    or their lesbians

    or disagree in culture, arts etc

    sorry i appear to have lost it