Family Trees

I'm trying to research my family tree. I've been online and it seems to be mind-bogglingly complicated.

Has anyone done this, and can they give me any pointers as to how to get started?

Cheers :D
This may sound blatantly obvious but talking to every bugger in your family is always a good start as they can point out areas that you never thought of. I recently met my grand-uncle twice removed :!: who i never even knew existed until i mentioned the whole geneology thing to my gran. He then introduced me to his father and before long i had about 15 extra names and assorted details to add to the family tree.... let people know you are interested they may not have told you stuff they know as they simply presumed you weren't interested.
Baddass tried to trace his family tree, only to find most of them still lived in said tree :D
Unless you intend to spend all your waking hours on this project, consult a genealogist, who can go back as far as you want, and supply you with names, dates and places, leaving you to fill in more detail.

A cousin of mine had the family tree done, and I am now engaged in finding out more about the military members of the family, who include an Admiral and two subalterns (both killed in the trenches) from WW1, and a Fusiliers Major who won an MC in WW2.
The_Sloping_Wire said:
VB - did this cousin of yours do the legwork, or get the geneologist to do most of it?
A bit of both - if the genealogist dug out a name that was local, my cousin would visit the church and check records. More complex work was done by the genealogist. It meant that the whole project was completed in quite a short time.

The final document shows names and dates, but doesn't show any other details. This could have been done, but wold have been expensive - hence my own attempts to trace citations and service histories.

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