Family to sue Somerfield.

Boy dies because mother is stupid


"Harry Blackmore was swinging on a small steel rail when he fell in the store in Liverpool.

His devastated mother was shopping just yards away when the tragedy happened."

"The distraught parents, who have four daughters, are now suing the supermarket giant for negligence."

"Family solicitor Rex Makin told Sky News the family was taking legal action against Somerfield.

He said: "This is a working class neighbourhood with lots of children. We say that parents should be able to go shopping with their children in a safe environment.

"We say that the railing should not have been there or should not have been in that state."

Stupid bitch should be prosecuted for failing to take responsibility for her child.
it's no longer a case of 'what does somebody have to do to get sued'

it's a case of 'what do we have to do to sue somebody'
hopefully the judge will laugh at them for being a bunch of pikey nawkers.

if I was a judge I'd have them done for wasting everyone's time and money.
it's just absolutely ridiculous. its like suing the highways agency because your kid walked onto a motorway and got creamed by a truck.

'the road shouldn't have been there in the state it was (with traffic on it!)'
Before you know it, people will be expecting all four wheels on their trolley to work as well. :roll:

What is the world coming to?


What is it with the scousers killing their kids?!?!

Perhaps the young lad realised he was a scouser and did the honourable thing?


Book Reviewer
It's very sad and unfortunate that the little tyke landed on his nut after swinging on the railing. It's also sad that he karked it as a result, and I feel sorry for the parents and their loss.


As for sueing Somerfield - wake up you throwbacks!!!!!
For fucks sake. The lads not even cold and all his folks can think about is making cash out of it.

Mr Blackmore, 39, said: "Now we're lost. We're completely empty. We just can't believe it."
Just can't believe his luck more like. Oooh lets sue a Supermarket - we'll make a tonne of wedge and probably be able to afford Max Clifford to represent us as we release the book

"Our Horrific Nightmare In Checkout One"

I watched two terribly wounded Troops man-up and crack on last night, it completely humbled me.

These money grabbing twats would do well to follow that example.

Rant over. Where's that outrage bus.
How about social services taking the mother to Court for neglect, after all why wasn't the mother close enough to say to the child........"stop that behaviour" or physically stopping him from swinging on the railing and therefore be in control of her offspring. Parents get taken to Court for their children absconding from school, so why couldn't you do something similar here if this is the path we are going to tread!!!!


RobRecruit said:
That kid Died i Think, I Woulda Probly tried sue them too in fairness, Try to Count my Losses with the Kid And Go on a Bender
Say again all after "That" :?
Children should be retained within electric-fenced pens until their parents have finished shop-lifting. The temptation to break toddlers knees against the shopping trolley seat is almost too much for me to resist.
Going Back a couple of years we had someone try to sue the Boots store I worked at. On entering the store the parent of a lad about 7 was Spoken to by security as the lad was standing inside a trolley. This despite a warning on the trolley and at the door. Security was told to F off and a manager then told the lovely lady pushing the spoiled little fat Fatherless (Eating a fecking happy meal and no stranger to the fridge) that her custom was not wanted. As she pushed her obese brat out he got all excited and leaned out to swear at staff and tipped the trolley up.
Splat, thump big gash on head claret all over place and daft bint screaming blue murder. Ambulance for sparked out kid (Tellingly the mum was so busy berating me that she didn't once check the kid out.
All on CCTV and laughed out of court.
Harry was a keen footballer and had been taken to join a local club so he would not have to play football in the street
FFS are they saying that the choice was for a Four yr old to either join a club or play football in the road?

That's the options? :eek:
I witnessed a child of about 8yrs old pushing/swinging off one of these....

in Tescos car park the other day. He was holding onto the handle & swinging under the trolley as it was going along. His mum & dad casually strolling along behind him. Rather than think "thats dangerous, I hope he doesn't fall & bang his head." I actually thought "go on son, let go & crack your skull open. You stupid little prick."
Am I a bad man?

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