Family support on Mobilisation?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. Can't wait until monday - what sort of support is available?



    ( obviously asking for a mate. )
  2. Strictly, their first point of call is your TA unit, which should have a Regt Welfare Officer. I'm sure ours does but I've no idea who it is ... (actually, it is probably SO2 CVHQ, but?)

    Secondly, there is also the rear party for the unit you are mobbed with (but they could be time zones away from your nearest and dearest.) Chilwell also provide an emergency facility - call them and they'll refer you (they won't actually, can't, do much themselves and they will ask if you've at least tried to contact the RWO). There is a spectacularly dull but, if you can stay awake, highly informative lecture on this on Mob day 1.

    Also you have the notification people at RAF Innsworth, if somebody is dead or dying, and the usual chorus of good people - Army Welfare, SSAFA, ABF etc, etc - if there is other support
  3. (TA) Unit Welfare Officer
    Chilwell Duty bods
    Unit Welfare Officer of the unit they are mobilised with
    JCCC (If it is proper brown alert stuff)
    Unit ROG (Rear Ops Group)
    Padre, WRVS, Barman :)

    Ask your PSI! (Someone had to say it!) :)

    If you get no joy drop me a PM and I see if our Welfare Wizard can get any advice for you.
  4. The welfare role within a TA regt/Battalion is run buy the ROSO, they attend the Unit Welfare Officers course (UWO). Your regular unit should be onside with theatre newsletters and day trips etc depending how far they are from your home, and should also write an intorductary letter to your loved ones!!!

    As stated above all is pretty good int.

  5. There should be several levels of support available depending on how good your home unit are (which I would imagine/hope is very). My Mrs got several letters from various levels of my CoC last time, but added to that, as stated, RTMC would shoulder a fair burden if needs be. You will get a load of literature from Chillwell (Including a big A4 envelope packed with stuff for the family). On top of this don't forget SAAFA, the ABF and the Legion.
  6. JCCC rely upon. When I was on Herrick I had a family member at home who was critical and sadly passed away within days. It goes without saying where your head goes but that feeling is known to many on Herrick. Admittedly a REMF at BSN I could not believe how they got me home in less than 20 hours. I missed out all controls, had a vehicle waiting at every APOD, flew up front on herc. Had Brize flight diverted to my North of England civvi APOD with a chauffer civi car waiting on the tarmac and missed out controls again. Even SB where craining their necks to find out what was going on. My faith in HM Forces will never be tarnished after that experience. The movers from RAF/Army where truly magnificent in there professionalism and experience. My unit by the way was shite.
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  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HE HE HE HE ! Family support for a mobilized t.a soldier ! LOL they promise you the moon on a stick then its nothing.
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  8. ^ Coops I've heard otherwise.

    Thing is, I'd rather the Army did zip so the evil ******* witch that I live with has a shit time while I'm away.
  9. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    I am the Battalion support for any wives, daughters etc left behind . . . . .
    As rest already said if UWO ( we have just changed ours, was on Part 1s last week think the ROSO took on the role, but must admit didn't pay much attention as is not my turn to go this time around).
  10. So you are married to my wife as well
  11. BB then make sure you change your will or make one because the "bitch" will get the lot if you go for a burton
  12. I think it changes from unit to unit when I went on tour 4 years ago all you got was a card with some numbers on
  13. I'm leaving it all Stacker, which will no doubt infuriate him
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