Family sues MoD over Red Cap's death

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by recaprevenge, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. An interesting development from a recent ruling on human rights. Particularly for those who see human rights in a negative light
  2. In today's Daily Mail, the widow of Cpl Aston publicly disassociates herself from any legal action regarding her husband's death.

    As the BBC stated that action is being started by Cpl Aston's family, clearly it is not being done by his widow.

    A shame that these rifts occur between families of the fallen,

    Link Widow Speaks of families Fight for Compensation
  3. What did the Para QM staff have to say?
  4. You mean the ones that put themselves in that position?
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  5. I doubt very much that you can back up that assertion.
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  6. deleted...double tap.
  7. Unfortunately this shit happens all the time. Where is the line though, that someone fucked up by not providing the equipment and that the equipment was just not available at the time.
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    1. The Royal Navy

  9. The weapons and equipment private contractors have are not relevant.

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  10. They would probably say something like 'ask for it and you will get it but we're not running round wiping your arse for you'!!
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  11. A BoI which doesn't attempt to address the main CoC failing, that there had been a grossly premature transition to peace support operations, despite a growing body of evidence (including fire at British units) that armed insurrection was well under way. Thus no attempt had been made to maintain adequate force protection, or try to make up the glaring equipment deficiencies from the war-fighting phase.
  12. Or that there was bugger all co-ordination of movement. That detachments from what might best be termed Div Tps were swanning around in Battle Group AOs without much, if any, co-ordination and with agendas that were outside of either the Battle Group CO's or even the Brigade Commander's ken. The sad fact is that an incident like this one was going to happen somewhere; basic, tactical level movement discipline had been thrown out of the window in the euphoria of "winning" the war. You only had to look at the white fleet park at the Div HQ at what was then Basra APOD to see what I mean.

    Anyone who thinks that securing and restoring the oilfields was well planned needs to think again; the whole focus was on the refineries, ignoring the need for power and water to produce water. Plenty of funds fed into big US contractors, but not much restoration of oil was achieved.
  13. Bechtel spent the first nine months in-country rebuilding the schools in Basrah and clearing the port at Um Qasar before they moved onto sorting out the power and water problems down south.
  14. Because if the UK's rampant compensation culture is allowed to creep into the Army's front line it will be detrimental to operational effectiveness. There is already a real concern that BritMil is too risk adverse to get the job done.
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