Family release crash driver’s unfinished text as warning to others

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oggie, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Family release crash driver

    An unfinished text message typed by a university student seconds before he was killed has been released by his parents as a warning to other drivers.

    I thought it would of been "ow fuck"
  2. Darwin award winner.
  3. The car rooftop rocket is my all time favourite. I absolutely thought it was impossible to physically laugh that hard!

    (or was it a jet engine?)
  4. Who is this Fricker kid..
  5. The Jato bottle or bottles hooked up to the roof rack...rear bumper...rear axle...depending where you heard it?
  6. It was certainly good fortune his phone didn't get scratched.
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  7. Google is your friend! Jet Assisted Take Off. Thanks Flash.
  8. Pipped again!
  9. It was most definitely a hilarious story in the written word, and yes saw the MythBusters episode (but had forgotten about it). Thanks for the refresher.
  10. Rocket powered car? PAH!

    How about a rocket assisted Universal Carrier?

    "The Rocket Egress Assisted Carrier Trial:
    A project of the Specialised Armour Development Establishment, who were working on using rockets to unditch bogged heavy armoured vehicles c.1946, and found the carrier a handy test-bed...

    Perhaps surprisingly... the trials were said to be a success.
    When only one sides rockets initiated... the obvious happened:


    And I never knew they could get LSD back in those days - what were they thinking???

    From Was the Bren/Universal carrier a good option????? - Armor and Armored Fighting Vehicles - WWII Forums