Family Quarter Allocations

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimnicebutdim, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Look folks, I know this topic has probably been done to death but I know a couple of mates who are struggling with the whole 'never mind the fact you've got a joint account, shared debts, 3 kids, a dog, and a car together, we will not give you a quarter unless you destroy all plans of a large marriage full of ceremony , and get hitched at the registry office on the cheap instead' syndrom adopted by DHE/DE/whatever they call themselves this week.

    Any helpful ideas, experience, or little known regulations that i can pass on to them?

  2. what exactly do you want again?
  3. That would help them in trying to either secure a quarter or get current legislation changed.
  4. yep, there's 2 ways to trackle this...

    1. get married,

    2. ditch the missus, become a hom and enter into a CP

    quarter will be allocated, no ifs, no buts...absolutely guaranteed.
  5. Pretend your Gay, do a "Chuck & Larry" then move your bird and offspring in and claim it is your lifestyle choice.
  6. They are getting married but don't want to have to have to sacrifice what will be one of the biggest day's of thier lives by rushing ahead with a registry office do attended by mum, dad and aunty beryll with a reception in the NAAFI bop bar after.
  7. jimnicebutdim

    Bit of of the cuff lateral thinking. Have you considered "adopting" or other Army legal requirement to give you custody of your children, this should give you the entitlement for a FMQ. Having obtained the FMQ employ your partner as a live in nanny?
  8. Why dont they just wait then until they are married?
  9. So they don't want to wait...sort of having your cake and eating it really. However I do believe the possibility of partners in quarters( not same sex witha civil partnership) are being considered at the highest level. The trouble is the money. We can't afford the estate we have, let alone an increased estate which would be needed for unmarried couples.

    What is more important the type of ceremony or the ceremony itself? Is it more important to live together in a quarter....... They know the rules and now they have to make the hard choices.
  10. I moved my lady [now long time wife] into married quarters as my erm.....'childminder' over 30 years ago pending my divorce from wife No1. Everyone knew the score and it was not a problem. ["I've got 2 flats together giving you 4 bedrooms and two kitchens, will that do Sgt?" if I remember correctly] Nowadays IMO, there are too many jobsworth busybodies wanting to put their oar in to justify their wage. Social/Welfare etc.,
  11. I am sure they are a genuine couple who have every intention of getting married and doing everything properly, but there are too many people out there who love to play the system and just want to get themselves out of the block.

    By opening up SFA to unmarried couples is stirring up more trouble than it is probably worth.

    If they have been a separated couple long enough to have 3 kids, dogs debt etc then the extra waiting until the big day shouldn't be an issue.

    What if they are granted SFA and then decide not to get married and save the money and pay off the dog....?
  12. You used to be able to get the MQ a month before the big day, but i don't know if that is still the case.

    I also know a couple of people who have got married in a registry office on the sly just to make it official, but not told their family then they have had the full blown thing, the only thing being different is the marriage certificate/book being signed and no bugger else sees that happening anyway.
  13. Feck me. I got married in 1978 and was allowed to move into a MQ (in Hythe) weeks before the marriage. They said that they were happy to have the house on someone's signature.

    Getting divorced next week ...
  14. Have a quick wedding and then get the vicar to do a large blessing later with a big reception etc.