Family opposition to joining as an officer

I would appreciate your best advice regarding family opposition to my joining as an officer.

My father and uncles served in the Army in the 60s and 70's and developed a fearsome reputation as a family of brawlers, barrack room lawyers and admin' cases. My dad served time both at Shepton Mallett and Colchester Military Prisons as did both his brothers.

I am keen to serve in an Irish Regiment, either the "Micks" or RIR as an officer but am worried that my family's reputation may compromise my chances of being accepted into the officers' mess.

In addition, my dad and uncles regard my joining the army as an officer as something of a family disgrace and have made derogatory comments concerning the fact that I was CSM of my CCF Coy and am now an OTC O/CDT.

Thirdly, I am somewhat concerned that I do not have a private income and may find mess bills in the "Micks" rather steep.

I would appreciate your advice as to the validity of my concerns as I have twelve month's left before I graduate (Oxbridge) and do not wish to waste my time or that of the Army.

It's your life. Live it the way you feel fit and you will be judged on your own reputation.
Make your own mind up and get fell in.

Mark The Convict

It's many years since an Army Officer needed a private income; your salary should suffice, as long as you keep the Aston Martins and polo ponies to a minimum. No offence meant, but your father's and uncles' attitude seems to be a - would they have you follow their example? What, pray tell, is so inferior about wanting to serve your country and attain a commission (difficult tasks, both)?

Edit; as stated above, you'll find that you're taken on your merits. If you're professionally competent and at least a bit personable, whatever atrocities that your father and uncles may (or may not) have perpetrated will be of no import whatsoever.
1. Your 'family history' won't matter a toss. It's old history.
2. Tell anyone who gives you stick over joining as an officer to stfu.
3. Be the best you can be at whatever you choose to do.
4. Do not sell yourself short. There is nothing wrong with being in the ranks but if you can then take the officer route.
5. If the mess bills are going to be ridiculous then go to another regiment - simple.
6. Good luck.
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