Family of IRA Man Killed by IRA to Get Compo

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. ""The family are happy with the amount of cash," he said." Says it all really.
  2. Yes it is sad, the fact that the family of a criminal terrorist scum are getting compensation. The article says that the family are victims, well, they wouldn't be if their family member wasn't a piece of criminal terrorist scum. Essentially this bloke made his own bed and it is highly likely that his family knew about his activities and as such there should be no so called compensation....even if they didn't know what he was up to.
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  3. Unbelievable innit, the British taxpayer is paying his family when he was murdered by his own terrorist gang. We had no involvement in his death unfortunately. Makes my blood boil.

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  4. No wonder we're going down the crapper....
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  5. And we will continue to do so unless the chuckle brothers are removed from power in double quick time.

    UK Plc is fading fast and ready t go critical.
  6. Are you honestly trying to say the other side would be any better?
    There were plenty of crap compensation decisions when Labour were in power too.

    ALL politicians are self serving spineless twats, no matter what party.

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  7. they shouldnt get shit, is his uncle any relation to nadine coyle i wonder?
  8. This isn't something new, it has been like this for as long as we have had a criminal injuries compensation scheme. Terrorists killed/injured by us while committing a crime don't get it but when they kill or injure each other they get classed as victims of crime and get awarded compensation.
  9. I was thinking about writing a book when I retire, fiction. But with the ECHR and our government strange fiction has become sodding reality? It's what I imagine the fall of Rome must have been like, right is wrong, illogical becomes logic. It would take someone like Tom Sharpe to make this shit up!
  10. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    No he's suffered enough. He gets shot by his own terrorist organisation for growing dope. When his shameless family put in a compo claim its cut by 50%. They're probably writing a song about how the family were ripped off by perfidious Albion.

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  11. I can't see why nobody has ever launched a civil action for damages against certain 'politicians who are believed to be former members of the army council'
  12. Well you see Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness were British Army touts,and so immune from any form of prosecution or trial.
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  13. So his family were most offended by the PSNI cooking up a story- at the behest of MI5 natch- which involved their son with drugs (yeah because brave freedom fighters are never involved in drugs, prostitution, extortion, protection rackets or anything unsavoury are they?) Forget the fact that he was murdered by his own kind.