Family Of Dead Afghan Journo Seeks UK Compensation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Journo should pay. He was warned not to go in that area several times. His fault - end of! (He had to be rescued on a previous occasion after being told not to be there either.)
  2. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Journo family should then pay said compensation to family of dead solider who lost his life resucuing this class one twat.
  3. This is totally disgraceful to blame our troops for the death of this gentleman ,Our troops were there to try and save all lives and not to pick and choose who they were going to save which as been wrongly stated.
  4. Becides who shot him anyway ? not the nice Taliban we heard on the phone they were very nice people (his family said) although a different report says he was beaten all the time (rescued reporter), the exit dosent match the entry wound, (bullets ricochet off bone)
  6. Agreed. The journalist should pay compensation to the families of all who died and also for the operation that freed him. If it wasn't for his total stupidity 4 people would still be alive.
    This journalist has been kidnapped once before, I also think that he should not be allowed in war zones again as he is obviously an idiot of the first class.
  7. Jeez are you still alive...totally disgraceful!
  8. The report I read over here said the Afghan jorno ran into the open during a heavy firefight while the Brit took cover.

    The Afghan was buried before sun down the next day as per the Koran so one assumes no autopsy was done and no round recovered- assuming it wasn't a through and through anyway so how is "blame" to be established.

    So lets forget about who was really to blame, who did what and any other facts and just claim off the Brits because we can- and no doubt our handringing do gooders will get behind the family and sue in a UK court....
  9. Totally agree with Country Girls dit. He was Irish/British working for a US Newspaper. Hope they look after the family of one of own lost in the rescue mission.
  10. And so it starts.

    How about a statement from the UK Government stating its position in relation to this "claim".

    And at the same time state its view on people who "wander" onto the battlefield against advice?

    Out of interest - was the interpreter tasked in any manner by the British Government?
  11. No the 'terp or "interupter" was hired by the jorno- he was in fact home on holiday from doing a degree somewhere and went with the jorno cos he was asked too.

    It was the 'terp who warned they should not be there.

    one of the reasons they got nabbed was because their driver was out of the car and when the Talib arrived he ran for it with the car keys.

    Rule 1 (or one of them!) is the driver always stays in the car.....
  12. The dumbarse journalist and the New York Times are culpable.
  13. At the very least, he should donate the money from his subsequent articles for the NY Times, and any revenue from the same article reprinted in the UK Times to both families. Then he should have a long chat with himself and decide whether he is willing to assist the families further - and publish his decision for no fee.