Family moving back to UK who pays?

One of the guys at work has just bought his own house and is wondering does he pay for removals or will the Army. He know's he doesnt get disturbance allowance as the family is moving voluntarily into their own home back in the UK. He is under 37 and will be moving into the mess once his family go back. Also what other allowances will he be able to claim.
Thanks in advance for all your help.
why not get the family repatriated because they are "splitting up", the army pays (or used to anyway) for the move back & then they can give it "another chance" once she is back & settled.


He will need to go to his UWO and ask for an antcipated passage so that he can get the removals at public expence. He may also be able to claim his Dis Allowance. As for being under 37, means nowt, he will have to pay accn and Food MU but, he can get MUSA (or soon to be LSA level 1).

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