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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PartTimePongo, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Ok, I'm going to take a stab at this again.

    Guys and Girls, I would like to start another interest section, concerning family historical photos. I'm currently working on my families photos (Infantry from the Boer Was through WW1 , the 30's and WW2) and I will start to post them as soon as I can.

    The only stipulations are ;

    1. The most recent photos posted should be Granby , but as early as you want.

    2. Photos should be of yourself, or family historical photos. Please do not post 'General Military interest photos' culled from the net.

    3. Some background information to support the posted photos would be nice.


    All nations welcome, it will be interesting to see photos from the collections of some of our foreign posters.

    Let's see if we can create a nice resource, which with enough interest , I will keep as a permanent fixture.


  2. Posted these before, but I'll start you off :D

    My Grandfather, WW2. Served with the Royal Engineers in North Africa, Sicily/Italy and Normandy.

    One photo shows his unit posing in front of a Bridge they've re-built (Notice the Destroyed bridge in the background to the left, presume this was blown up by retreating Germans, I also presume this is the Rhine, as the sign clearly says 'Last Bridge of the War' although it could be Holland?
    (My Grandfather is squatting down, bottom left corner of the sign between the guy with glasses and the other fella who hasn't got a beret on)

    The other Photo is my Grandfather and Mate posing with German Prisoners, again, not sure where this was taken and sadly, as he's passed away now, guess I'll never find out.


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  3. An excellent start Danvuk , thank you :D

    Are there any more?
  4. Double posted! :oops: .
  5. OK, this picture is already in the gallery but I'll repost it here. This features Grandpa Chickenpunk who was born in 1879 as the last of 9 children to an innkeeper in a small Welsh village (who was born in 1799!) and went off to seek his fortune in London. He worked as a department manager in John Lewis's on Oxford Street but, in 1914, volunteered for the Queen Victoria Rifles and went to France with them. He stayed with them until he was commissioned in the field in 1917, when he was transferred to the 7th Londons (City of London Fusiliers, I believe).

    This picture was taken some time in 1918, not long before he was awarded the MC - which I have on my desk next to me - for leaving cover and taking out a series of German MG positions, which were blocking a British advance, with his mortar.

    He died when I was three years old, and thus I have the most hazy memories of him, but from what my father and uncle told me, he was a nice old boy.

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  6. Well, here are some pictures from a foreigner.

    First, my grandfather. He served during WW1 in the german navy, got wounded during the battle of Jutland 1916. Afterwards he worked at a civil court. During WW2 the navy sent him to Denmark as a navy justice officer. The pic shows him in his service-suit around 1942-45. After the war he worked as a bailiff. He died in 1976 when I was six so I don´t remember much of him except he was a gnarling old man.

    Then my father (left) and my uncle back in ww2. At that time my father was member of the Hitler-youth as one can see.

    In 1952 my dad was a policeman. This pic show him (arrow) during a x-mas party. The guy to the right wearing a civilian suit is former President Theodor Heuss
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  7. May10th 1944 Just weeks prior Op Market Garden.

    1st Airborne Division

    My Grandfather second row, second from left: Sgt P Jackson

    Other Piccy, Grandfather on right hand side taken on last day of the war in Burma

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  8. My Other Grandfather Cpl Robert Lee RASC

    Taken in France when a member of the British Expitionary force.

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  9. This is interesting, I like it!
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  10. My grandfather in the Irish Army cira 1922, late Royal Dublin Fusilers.
  11. Here's a photo of my Grandfather with the RHA Boys in Woolwich in 1907.

    He's the one just left of the middle:

    He served a full career including being awarded the MM in WW1, transfering to the MGC and Tank Corps where he served in India until the late 1920s.
  12. Some excellent posts already , please keep them coming :D
  13. Nobody else for any family photos? It was quite interesting while it lasted. How about seeing who has the photo that goes back the furthest. Mine was Woolwich 1907, so that should be easy to beat :wink:
  14. My Father, (yes, I am that old), front right with the highly polished chinstrap and single stripe.
    Served (from memory) with 310 AA Battery, RE, originally, then the RA.
    Finished the war as a BSM.
    Picture taken 23rd October, 1939.
    (Edited to read310 Battery RE, instead of RA after finding his call-up papers) :)

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  15. [​IMG]

    My Grandfather Pictured in India Serving with the 1st Btn Black Watch, Orginally joined in 1914 underage and under a false name, served with Middlesex Regiment, East Surreys & Scottish Rifles, wounded twice. Rejoined in 1919 after being out 5 months. Served 20yrs with Blackwatch, discharged in 1939 only to be called back from reserve to serve till 1945 with the Royal Artillery on AA guns.
    Quite a life