Family Military History

I'm not sure whether this has been asked, but does anyone have useable search engine to find out family history?
I've tried the National Archive and it's not exactly user friendly, got dates of birth and Towns of birth but no regimental numbers.
Relatives from both World Wars and Boer War too, so some records may be lost
Any help appreciated.
Darthspud. What are you trying to find out? Military service details or general family history stuff? If the latter I can give you plenty of places to try but don't want to post it all if you are simply after the former!

If any relatives were killed then the Commonwealth war graves comission is the place to start. CWGC here

Not so easy if they survived, were ORs and had common surnames....the medal rolls are the best place I'm afraid. If you are happy to post the details you have on here and/or let us know what you're looking for I'm sure help will be forthcoming :)

Edited to add: I'm sure someone posted a link to the brilliant 1914-18 forums earlier this week. Anyway they have a fantastic "Looking for Grandad" site Here which gives all sorts of great info.


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#3 gives you access to GRO records (Births, Deaths and Marriages - BDM) and increasingly to census records. Looking at the home to review this post, it seems they now hold some military records.

If you find what you really want, you can buy (a few or a lot of) units to look at the source documents. You can link into the GRO website to buy BDM certificates.

If you are planning to do a lot, you can join for an annual membership of about 60 squids which will give you access to pretty much the same data but because you have paid your membership fee, you can look at the source data for free.

If you want to talk to the geeks, try which probably has even more forums than this place.

If you want to create a family tree, try


ps It's Wor Lass who is into Family History, honest, even if it was a suitcase of my ancestors' photos etc that started her off. But I help her with the donkey work and techie stuff.

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