Family members serving overseas ?


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This may be of interest to those with a spouse, offspring or sibling in the sandpit or elsewhere.

Rev. David Cooper on 'Prayer for the Day' (Radio Four) this morning said:
I have often felt that the families of servicemen have quite a raw deal. The soldier himself is trained for the job he does. He understands the risks and, as far as it can be done, he is trained to operate in such a way that the risk is minimised. He is also within a tightly knit group, who both support him and have accepted the same risk, and this creates a bond the like of which is not commonly understood outside the experience of the fighting man.

His family, however, has no such training and has no such support.

I often wonder what Jesus'mother, Mary, thought of her son's life. She seems to have supported him, though it can't have been easy and at times she seems to have almost been pushed away by Jesus. She stood and watched his execution. If we believe St John's account he spoke to her from the cross before he died. But like all mothers throughout the ages she carried her thoughts within her own soul and accepted the need for her son to pursue the life that he believed was his calling.

At his circumcision she was told that 'a sword will pierce your heart also' surely she cannot have understood just how painful that would be. Surely she cannot have even guessed the course her new born and unmarked son would follow, or what pain she would bear whilst allowing, without remonstration, her son to follow his path in life.

It would comfort me to know that we, as a society, remember, as well as those who died, those who still carry the loss of their children or brothers or sisters or parent. The price of the conflict that killed their loved one will be theirs for as long as they live, even when the rest of us have forgotten them.

'Lord give us the love to allow those we love to live their own lives, whatever the cost to us. Let us never stop loving them, let us never close ourselves to them'.

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