Family Meets Work Horror Stories. Got Any?

the first time my mum and dad came to germany, i took them to the tank park to see their son's wagon. dad asked me if he could sit in the drivers cab of my scimitar and i like a fool told him how to start it and put it in gear , he moved the wagon slowly at first and for some reason pulled a right stick, throwing the back end of the CVRT against the troop leaders wagon which had just been painted for the royal visit, this being the reason they were in germany in the first bloody place. dad stopped and dismouted,i jumped in fuming and replaced the wagon, shut the hanger doors and hurried my parents who were on the verge of divorce at this point due to mum bolloking dad for what he had just done whist he giggled like a school girl. the incident was mentioned on the parade the next day and dad has some top footage of 10 roling past the saluting dious with a mangled side bin and a dented gunners bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he also managed to empty the contents of his baccy pouch all over the table at the reception for prince andrew about 0.2 of a second before he came to our table. the sight that greeted him must of reminded him of the peasent classes.

cheers Dad priceless!!!!!!!!
My Dad came to a dinner, where the guest of honour was FM The Lord Vincent (von und zu), and proceded to get leathered, which culminated in a lot of FM chest poking about 'Options for Change' being a 'complete betrayal of everything the Army stands for'. I just stood at the bar in helpless, mute, dumb shock, with various SO1s coming up and buying me drinks and hiding their laughter - badly.

On reflection, that was probably the most polite comment made.

As Flaghead says - cheers Dad.
Family came to see my pass off JLR.

The usual embarrassments. Same as everyone else no doubt. I did get a BJ from the GF at the time in the block, so all was not so bad...

Brought my current GF over to Germany once for the Corporals Mess Xmas bash.

Not to far into the night I realized she is not going to marry into the army as she sat wide eyed telling me that that wife who came with him she saw getting off with him as she queued for the bog getting her arse felt by him and him...


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