Family medal / photo thingy

OK, If anyone fancies bidding for this service I will do it for them.

I need a picture, a name and unit and I will source their record, aquire a set of duplicate gongs, court mount them and frame them like the ones below, I'' also ensure the capbadge is genuine, relevant to era and not a re-strike.

Every house should have their ancestors done, its the law! :D


They are about 24 x 12 inches and look the boll0cks!


Double it and I'll frame his missing leg for you :D


Can you do WW1?
If you have a photo and their number rank and name then yes.


minister_doh_nut said:
If you have a photo and their number rank and name then yes.
Ok Canadian Expeditionary Forces?
keeffy said:
can you not just start up a service as i have two sets need doing ww1 and ww2
I quite enjoy doing it and if you already have the medals and its just photo and badge mounting then I'm happy to do it if you were to throw a reasonable amount in the pot for this.


I have no idea mate, the medals I did for my Grandfathers are genuine but replacement ribbons. If you already know what he may have been awarded that would make the job easier. Do you have a photograph?


I do but of him and his wife, he was back in uniform by 1940!


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I'll go for that.

£ 80.00


Too steep at the mo, give me a month or so in my new job and you are on!
Good idea, only prob is my Great Grand Uncles record are on of those ones that were last in WW2 (that was last time I looked in 2004)
And I need to get details from Kentigern House ref my granddads record

Whats the score if I don't have number or unit?
The old boy can't remember his number and vague recollection of unit, I think it's alzeihemers.
I don't think there was an Alzeimers unit mate, but I will refer to Kipling and Kings :D

If I haven't got anything to go on, I'll struggle to put something together.

Get onto Kentigern house and they should sort you out, especially if you know his full names including middle names, place of birth and enlistement etc, and a rough idea of capbadge.
Try to find out as much as you can. Where he enlisted and trained etc. Dates and battles. Then look for a forum on the net and ask for help. You will be surprised. When you have more you can phone records and explain and ask what they can do for you.
250 quid for my my Dad's gongs.

He turns 90 on 3 July, so it would make a nice pressie for him. He is ex-RAF (1933-46). I can PM you his service details.
Don't tell me he has a DFC? or anything mad???

Do you want just the gongs mounted or put them in a frame??
minister_doh_nut said:
Don't tell me he has a DFC? or anything mad???

Do you want just the gongs mounted or put them in a frame??
I don't think he has anything other than campaign gongs, as until a couple of years ago it was impossible to get him to talk about his service days. Now and then he would let something slip; e.g. when I was posted to Osnabruck he made the comment "nasty flack around there. Visited it several times - give my regards to the locals" :)

I just dug out his pay book and the date of attestation is 21 October 1936 (I will PM you the name and number) He served in India (Quetta, now in Pakistan) and was aircrew (but not pilot). I think he was a gunner and later a navigator in bombers. Mentioned once they used to bomb Afghanistan all the time to keep the locals quiet. Nothing changes. He completed at least 1 flying tour over Europe before being rested as an instructor in South Africa.

I am very interested to see what gongs the old bugger has. It would be mad if I have more than him (my 5 are for sunbathing and drinking slivo and pivo, not for getting shot to hell in a Wellington bomber over Germany).

As he is an old bugger, it would be nice to have them in a frame. I will speak to Mum and see if she can steal a photo of him in RAF days. If he was in the RAF. Knowing my luck he will turn out to be a Romanian turnip farmer hiding from the Germans and Russians!
Cheers MDN
Hopefully Kentigern will release details, all I know from my dad is that he was RASC served in Cyprus ( have pics from Op Black Mac) pics of a M.V Devonshire which he has wrote "this brought me home" Egypt 1955-1956, he has mentioned being The Queens Baggage as well based in Edinburgh.
Will need to up his dosage to get rid of the Alzehiemers!

Cheers Taffnp
I know my Grandad was 8TH Army and RA just need to narrow it down!

Dread the winner

Ta muchly

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