Family holiday suggestions for June?

Hi everybody

I will be back from Afghanistan in June and we will be planning to go away for a family holiday with a 4yr old - where to go? we just want entertainment for the kid, sun, beach etc.

Any suggestions apart from the usual, spain, cyprus etc?
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Croatia is nice I have heard - i am considering that for this summer.
what are you looking for aside from sea and sand?What do you like food wise? What length flight do you want?
If you go to Crete there is an interesting little WWII museum on the road between Chania and the other siide of the island (forget the name - something like sakia station) An old guy was 10 when the German paras landed and has a scar on his had where a bullet grazed him and has set up a museum with lots of local memorabilia in it.
Some people may recommend Florida for the theme parks. What about staying in UK - Devon/Dorset/Cornwall - there are plenty of websites with lovely cottages for rent.


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You do NOT want another long 'plane flight! Plus, there is always the strong possibility of your R&R being delayed/fucked up in general - thus making for missed flights, disappointment, etc. I'd suggest staying in the UK. If tyhe weather is good, excellent, if not, there's plenty to do - and for a 4y.o. it's better here, frankly. At that age they are happy anywhere - try the South Coast - a trip to Peppa Pig World and you'll be the bestest parent Ever! :)
How about a nice relaxing ferry crossing to St.Malo, a two hour drive to Domaine de Kerlann - wonderful place for the children.

Fully lifeguarded indoor and outdoor pools plus a large splashzone for the children
Three free children’s clubs
Five outdoor playgrounds
Free football tournaments
Bar and restaurant
Free evening family entertainment.

Chalet prices 7 nights (2 adults + 2 children) start from £420 - mid June.

Only a short drive (around 5 kilometres) to stunning beaches, with many historic towns dotted throughout the our region. Also very close to Pont Aven and Concarneau - children will love both towns. Especially the ice-cream - over 100 flavours - freshly made - try the Caramel Buerre Salé or Fraise et Lavendre even the Chocolat Noir et Pistache!!! Just 15 minutes away is a restaurant to die for - a special evening out - Les Moulins du Duc. Your children can fish for tadpoles in the ponds and there is a swimming pool.

If the idea appeals to you, send me a PM, will arrange discount vouchers, provide a route plan and the "Brittany" Card - nobody knows this area of Brittany better than me. Book your ferry with Brittany Ferries and they will give you a book of discount vouchers for various attractions - saves you around 20%.

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