Family Guy-New Series on BBC Three

Managed to catch the new series of Family Guy starting on BBC Three last night at 10pm,brilliant episode where Stewie and Brian did a "Quantum Leap"take by jumping between alternate Spooner Streets in multi-universes.As usual there were a few edgy bits especially a real dig at Disney and its old anti-semitic ways.V v funny.Did anyone else watch it?
I haven't watched Family Guy for ages. I've kind of missed its 'close to the bone' approach. A big fan of Seth Green's work.

I'll probably get the series on DVD.
Yes. It was brilliant as usual. It has not lost any of its edge at all.

I thought the reference to Schindlers List to be utterly sick and distasteful in the extreme.....

So I laughed myself off the sofa in protest.

(Peter takes pot shots at Mort Goldman from his bedroom window with a hunting rifle whilst stripped to the waist)
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