Family forced to flee just for being ginger

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. In full
  2. Is it wrong that I'm sat here dying of laughter at this?

    It's not that I don't feel bad for them that they've been horribly victimised - just something about the concept that sets me off.
  3. Yes it is wrong, you kn0b
  4. I know who I blame:
  5. if a ginger headed person was walking down a country lane on any part of the ulster border in the late 80's with a parcel under their arm next to a chap from the middle east, who would you of p.checked first? :D
  6. Being one of the "Pissy Twiglet Brigade" myself I do feel for this family. However you have two choices, you either take the abuse to heart and curl up into a ball blubbing or you develop a thicker skin (all be it very pale and freckly!). I believe that New Liarbour and their PC stormtroopers will very soon see this as a new battleground for ruining this country. If that happens I will be sueing. :p
  7. I find it difficult to believe the 'only' reason for their persecution is the colour of their hair! Still, what do you expect from Geordie's - a species that didn't exist until a Sweaty fucked a pig! 8O
  8. Hoi! was a damned attractive pig!
  9. Isn't there a nature reserve north of the border where they are protected? With a little training, they could be released into the wilds of Glasgow and flourish in their natural enviroment.

    Can we start a no 10 petition to save the gingers?
  10. Damn them gingers.

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  11. I personally dont see why people have anything against people with ginger hair its a very unique colour and they should be treated with respect. My partner as ginger hair so does some of my male friends and i personally think they are quite handsome .
  12. Most likely the smell that the Geordies too exception too.
  13. Do I detect a whiff of twiglets from your location, devex? :D

    Concentrated hydrogen peroxide should help...
  14. That will sort out his barnet..but what about the stench?