Family dilemma

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Range_Paste, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. Good evening all.

    I'll be honest, I don't have a clue which section this would be best suited to. Mods, feel free to move this somewhere appropriate if deemed necessary. ARRSE regulars, seeing as this is currently in the NAAFI, feel free to rip the piss in your own time. (Disclaimer: both my sisters are fucking mooses. Make jokes about shagging them at your peril.)

    After divorcing my dad, my mum starting seeing a fella back in the mid 90's and together they had a daughter. All was sort of ok until the late 90's when they split up (after he'd fleeced her for every penny), and things went a bit haywire. He fucked off and shortly was heard to be shacked up with some rather wealthy divorcee. Things went pear shaped very quickly after he had spent all her money, and regular bust ups ensued, which culminated in him beating the shit out of her, raping her, tying her to a bed, setting fire to the flat, and leaving her to die. After 3 years in prison (I know, don't get me started) he was back on the streets continuing to be a prime unsavoury twat.

    A couple of years ago my youngest sister decided she wanted to find out more about her dad, much to the disgust of her immediate family. She sent him an email from her school account, which prompted him to then begin attempting to glean her address and other details. He contacted her school to ask them to send him her school reports (which the idiots did). At this point my mum sat her down and told her all about his usavoury past, which scared the shit out of her. She did the right thing, in fairness - she blocked him on Facebook, opened a new email account, and all was well. Until now.

    In a nutshell, the silly little twat has been contacting her dad again in secret for the last week or so (she didn't log off her Gmail messenger account, that's how we know). After reading the messages it's been established that she's trying to build up a relationship with him, and he's only too happy to oblige. I'm not slating her too much tbh - I was a teenager once too. I know how evil parents can be (how dare they make me tidy my room?) and I'm acutely aware of how easy is it is to make them do the exact opposite of what you want them to. However, this fucker is a nasty piece of work, with the potential to cause a lot of damage to both her and her family. When times are already hard, the last thing you need is shit like this potentially hanging over your head.

    The options I'm exploring so far aren't exactly conventional;
    a) Confront him, and tell him that if he so much as breathes near her internet profile again, half a dozen hairy arse squaddies will be round to deliver some not very nice news. (An idle threat really - I'm overseas, and don't know anyone who could safely punch their way through a wet paper bag. However, it might make an effective deterrent)
    b) Confront my sister with all the facts so far, and risk pushing her away even further.

    I know that all advice can potentially be taken with a pinch of salt on here. However, there's a reason I've turned to ARRSE; it's highly likely there are others on here with a similar story who can give some anecdotal inspiration. I'm halfway through my 5th Bitburger, so my judgement is clouded to say the least. Fire away, cheers in advance. (Oh, and please don't ask for pics. They really are hideously ugly.)
  2. b. is a non-starter, as you have guessed.

    a. should work, as that sort are generally not able to stand up to even one bloke, let alone a bunch (he won't know you are bluffing).

    As it's the NAAFI, any phots of your mum?
  3. Mine's sat reading this as we speak, don't fucking encourage her :)
  4. Someone just added (then quickly deleted) a post asking how much of a wrongun this bloke was. To go into further detail of how much of a loon he is, he once set up a web page with all my mum's and sister's personal details offering mother and daughter S+M sex, which resulted in them both being bombarded with offers on their doorstep and over the phone. I cannot reiterate this enough - he is pondlife of the highest order.

    Joe, I shall dig out the photo albums.
  5. Go for Option A.

    I'm sure between us we can rustle up some meat-heads.

    Hope it all goes well.

    PM me a rough area.
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  6. Where abouts is he? I could call a favour from an old mucker, but you'd owe me big time!
  7. To be honest, as big a cunt as this guy was/is, he wouldn't fuck with me if a threat arose. However, the way this has dragged out, I'd love to jump at the opportunity to take a trip over there and put this cunt back in his box.

    Edited to add; Torquay area :)
  8. Torquey? not sure, as my mate is London area.
  9. Mooses? I have previous with Mooses. Pics please.
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  10. Whatever his faults he's got a cracking sense of humour.
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  11. Two can play that game, why don't you simply reciprocate? Failing that, PM his details to the nastier members of this site, and they can do it for you. When you receive his panicky phone call, describe it to him as a kind of prelude, foreplay if you like.

    Concoct a revenge scenario that is both grotesque and imminent, and relay it to him in an impassive monotone, as though you're really just reciting what the voices are telling you. It helps if you don't normally speak like this. Act regretful yet powerless, just to make him wonder if he's really gone too far this time. In any case, families, like friends, are overrated. I suggest that you divest yourself of yours pronto, they're clearly a mob of ratbags.

    If in doubt, ask yourself; What would Hannibal Lecter do?

    Hope this helps, but it probably won't.
  12. From what you say he has done in the past he is probably on the sex offenders register.
    Plod may be worried about him meeting a teenage girl, even if she is his daughter.
  13. He's advertised her for pervy sex, and now he's grooming her on a secret message account.... one for the nonce squad.
  14. I'm having my drive concreted next month, a hole could be dug.............
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