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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by betpool, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm just wondering what people think I mean yes for people who come from a military family their parents and family might be ok with going into armed forces but what about when they arent ok? Fears about how you would be purposely putting yourself in danger and that your job is to kill people - how can someone considering joining up calm these fears? If anyone could be any help I'd much appreciate it as family is being very "NONONNONONONONO!"
  2. ...Come again?
  3. English is not your first language i guess.

    So, your joining the Army, which actually has less risk than a painter and decorator, as more die in that job than the Forces per year. It may seem that its very dangerous, which it is, but your not going in a pair of flip-flops and without training.

    One more thought, it's your life, not theirs, you only have one chance to join and be the best, so take it.
  4. I wouldn't think of your job as solely being trained to kill people. That's simply what must be done when trying to achieve a goal set by the political climate of the time. The war in Iraq and the stan could be seen as a long winded method to rebuilding the middle east, and if terrorists want to continue getting in the way then so be it. You could always join as a combat medic and know that your job is the give aid to your regiment, or be in HR and sort pay cheques. The army isn't just about killing, your joining the biggest ******* family of your life, one that some folks back home may never understand.
  5. my parents disagree with me joining (jehovahs witnesses), and i think that even if your parents ARE supportive they dont stop worrying about you and your job, but how would you feel if you looked back on your life and didnt do what you really wanted to do because of the IF's and But WHAT-IF's?

    parents will never stop worrying and being concerned just join if its what YOU want
  6. Jehovas witnesses don't believe in crucial things like blood transfusions! Of course they're not going to understand the British Army!
  7. Unless you are joining as a chef
  8. yeahh i guess i see what everyone is saying
    if you constantly live thinking about ifs then never get anywhere
    and qwik search brort up results that it is a safer job than quite a few others!!! didn't realise that!
  9. My dad is unhappy with me joining, and thinks I'm wasting my life, but that's just his opinion.

    Unfortunately, he is ignorant when it comes to the benefits the Army provided these days.

    At the end of the day, it's your life and you only get to live it once, so make the most of it.
  10. If you want to join, do it. Or you'll end up thinking "what if" for the rest of your life. If you try it, don't like, and sign off then at least you can say that you gave it a shot.
  11. I take it it's not your's either.
  12. just wondering how many painters and decorators, get limbs blown off or lose eyesight, did you take them stats into account, i agree its not the "most dangerus job" but put it in to context up to 2006 there were 6700 injured in iraq alone
  13. It's not a case of which job is most safe statistically and all the bullsh*t, the Army FACES danger on a day to day basis, and we do so to the most professional stanard, with everything we can in place to prevent bad things from happening. Sometimes things don't go to plan so well, so we learn from these mistakes and adapt. You are joining the army knowing full well you WILL be deployed around this time, gents, so don't think you're simply joining the army to get your trade and get out, etc etc and all other common misconceptions. Don't get me wrong, it's an ace job, you just better not want an easy ride is all I am saying. If you parents don't support you, this is very understandable, however, in my opionion everyones families should support their relatives for having the balls and the bravado to join the army around this time, initially wanting to fight for their country and all that, but soon this changes to fighting for your mates, and they are the best mates you'll ever have.
  14. if you have such sensetive thoughts now.. its very unlikely you will fit the bill for a combat regiment, worlds a bad place, bad people need killing blah blah blah only you should know what you want to do. my f*cking mother is from N.I and her brothers were probably little stone throwers growing up, but i knew it was really what i wanted to do and its my choice. to quote some c*nt somewhere, you either have it or you dont
  15. Eh? The army wants all-rounders with some determination, initiative and the ability to work in a team, not maniacs with a psychopathic urge to go and kill "bad people". War is not all this army does; private soldiers also have to be capable of delivering aid to Africa or manning Green Goddesses in rural England. The sentiment you express is not helpful, especially on a forum dedicated to providing advice to potential recruits.

    Family opinion is a powerful form of peer pressure upon young soldiers. In the past I've talked round a young recruit who was in tears at the "You fúcking waster, you're throwing your life away in the army" letters from his Dad; the same dad turned to me at his passing-out parade full of pride at his boy. Do what you want to do with your life, and you may well find that your family will fall in behind you.