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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by analyse_this, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. I have a 1 year old and just found out Mrs_This is pregnant with twins 8O

    This means pretty soon there will be 3 kids under the age of 2 knocking around, making public transport a non-starter and meaning 3 child seats in one vehichle!

    Anyone offer any experiences or a recommendation for a new vehichle?

    Would an estate car with the two adults up front be ok for long journeys, or do you need someone in the back to hold sickbags etc, making a MPV/people carrier a better option?

    Alll advice gratefully recived!
  2. I have one of these, and it is excellent. good handling (even with 7 adults aboard), loads of space and very adaptable. 2L TDCI fuel economy is about 40mpg (I mostly drive hard, and along country roads up and down hills, or at very high speed on Autobahns) Some good prices at the moment, especially if you are serving - make sure you ask for your military discount!


  3. Push her down the stairs and buy an Aston Martin. Just strap your current sprog on to the boot.
  4. Get an XJR Jag. Feed the sprog into the supercharger.
  5. price range?

    petrol or diesel?
  6. Thanks for the tips :D

    Price: £7-15,000 ish. I'm thinking new, but if there's a better value for money on a particualr used deal ...

    P vs. D: I'm not overly fussed.

    Cheers folks! It's ages since I bought a car so this is all helpful!
  7. I would look at a diesel galaxy or zafiria m8

    from a dealer - warranty - 3 years old
  8. So, MPV rather than estate then?
  9. yes m8 i had an estate, good car but i got a scenic mpv, more roomier, more cubby holes, under seat storage etc, but a scenic i think would be too small for a double pram, the zaf and galaxy are bigger, therefore you should get them all in

    failing that try to get a roof box as well from the dealership
  10. Buying cars is a waste of money. Lease one on a personal contract; and swap it every three years. No depreciation, no MOT or road tax hassle and no crappy worn out motor.
    Leasing's for winners.
  11. are you limited to mileage and condition of the car when leasing?

    3 youngsters in the car plus food and associated toys etc, be paying more to have it valeted
  12. Yes, the rate is dependent on mileage. Save money on valeting by transporting your kids in the boot.