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Looking for some nice family campsites in the Netherlands for my family and i(myself,wife and two children under 7).Been to Amsterdam before so not bothered if sites some distance from there.Been on Google and had a look at Lonley Planet for ideas but after some first hand recommendations.Cheers


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There is a really good site at Maastricht, it has a good swimming pool and sports complex. Take some bikes with you and you can then cycle into Germany and Belgium.
There are some excellent sites along the Dutch/German border. Alternatively, the Camping and Caravanning club (UK) do some very informative reference books on European camping sites.

Erm, do I sound like a sad TW*T now....

I live here, what is it you want to see? Den Haag is cool, it has the Parliament, Scheveningen is good, in summer, kind of shit in winter. Amsterdam is party land if you like that sort of thing. If you are after quiet caravan sites, Devon is probably for you.
Thanks for the replies.We are going at the start of August,looking for a quietish camp with a good pool for kids and toddlers.Much to my wifes annoyance i was wanting to visit Arnhem and other Op Market Garden sites(being ex AAC).Some sites we have seen in Assen,Eersel and Maasbree look promising.Cheers again for the advice and links.
As you wish to visit Arnham, would suggest you contact the following - they have a good reputation. Have checked, the staff speak English, big swimming pool for children, food is said to be good. You can either bring your own camping equipment or caravan/motorhome. Alternatively there are chalets available - sleep up to 8:

Recreatiepark Arnhem
Kemperbergerweg 771
6816 RW Arnhem-Schaarsbergen

T 0031 (0)26 - 443 16 00
F 0031 (0)26 - 445 77 05

Cheers Emsav,will give a look see.
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