Tiredness has crept in and am sat here, fuller than Anyas bra reflecting on the day.

Fantastic to have the little one, the whole episode was centred around her, and having her around almost made hosting the in and outlaws tolerable.

Hundreds of quids worth of toys and she opts to play with the foam wrapping of a parcel and a £9.99 Black and Decker Chainsaw I bought her as a bit of a wheeze and to get up the other halfs nose.

The highlight of my day has been watching her tear down the hallway with the chainsaw on full power yelling 'DIE FAT NANNA'

I was still chuckling in my Christmas pud at the horror on her saggy jowells when she was attacked by a cute 2 yr old brandishing power tools.

I'm still in the doghouse now, and after a festive row I've ventured into the office to finish a bottle of baileys have a scan round here. Anyoen elses children attempt to carve up the mother in law? :D


Nice one MDN.

My xmas was similar, however as predicted Fugly jnr got far too may toys, got well overexcited, and kicked off beyond belief.

Plenty of highlights to reflect upon, but now bloody glad he is in his bed!

More port?


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Don't you think it is time to talk to your wife about paternity? No way that angelic kid can be the spawn of your loins. (Line sort of stolen from Smokey and the Bandit)
Auld-Yin said:
No way that angelic kid can be the spawn of your loins. (Line sort of stolen from Smokey and the Bandit)
In the words of Shierrif Beaufort T justice

'Shut yaw ass- Tick turd'
The highlight of the day (up until now) was a little conversation I had with my niece Pia, some four years old, during Christmas dinner, which was forcibly held at about 12 o'clock today, because most of the kids got up at something like 4 o'clock in the fücking morning to open their presents!
So while we were eating, we had this little repartee - but this is after Pia had paid more than a passing interest in my various conversations (in Italian) with my Italian wife, Iolanda:

Pia: You haven't got any turkey-bird meat, uncle Bugsy. Why not?
Bugsy: That's right, little darling. It's because I'm a vegan.
Pia (nodding her wise little head in agreement): Well, you speak very good English!"

I luurrv kids' straightforward logic, I really do!

My little girl spent the day playing with my nephew's tool set........ (she is always trying to help me fix things around the home). The embarrassing christmas moment came when my little girl asked somebody elses mother-in-law if she could use the hammer to straighten her nose and promised that it wouldnt hurt.......

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