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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by leeanne, Feb 7, 2002.

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  1. Our Families Officer is a very sarcastic person.....
    He's very nice and polite when it comes to dealing with families personal problems, but as soon as their back is turned - he's a Bliming nightmare.  He swears like a trooper, he shouts rude disgusting words at his phone everytime it rings.  He has actually, got 2 very different sides to him - one crude and the other polite....
    This would put me off for life if i had any family problems and needed to visit his office as i dont think i could be serious with him without laughing - as i know for myself what he's really like.

    Are all Families Officers like this?
  2. Lets not forget this is a man who up until a month or two before was probably the RSM of his Regt.  Perhaps a better question might be - are families officers (Unit Welfare Officers - lets not forget the singlies) selected because of their personal qualities, experience, etc or are they selected because they happen to be the most recently commissioned WO?  I know what I think.
    Thats not saying that UWOs don't do a good job, the majority are suprisingly good considering the way they get the job.  As you say though not all are the sort of person that you would prefer to discuss your personal problems with - particularly if you are female.
  3. What a waste of about £250,000 pa, yes the UWO should be stopped and the wasted manpower put back into REAL jobs.  I know the cynics out there will say that those employed in the UWO are the dross of the unit and in there they are hidden away.  I agree as I have had to deal with them professionally in my line of work. They are pathetic lecherous old women who like to gossip with the sad wives who they think they might get a cheap jump with, dream on fat boys......  Oh and the £250,000 pa is what it costs to run the average UWO.
  4. Gobby Jock, what are u trying to say?  ...that UFO's/UWO's are nae use.  Fair do's though, i have been exposed to the crap which comes across his desk and it is that...crap.  mainly childish pads who can't turn their music down at 3 in the morning and dealing with the skipper wives who like a bit of singly when the head of the household is away (again).

    keep up the good work noising up the billies
  5. Gobby Jock Im not too sure what has happened to you maybe you were set about as a young man at at UWO's convention or something but I can assure not all UWO's are as you say in fact ours is a crackin blerk who does a dammed fine job ?
  6. SSM, totally agree!!!
    There just the type that get in everyone's way!!!! ;D ;D
  7. I'm intrigued....


    I suppose we could get rid of the unit Padre, the RMO and the medical centre and while we're at it we could demolish the gym and let the PTIs join civvy street and set themselves up as personal trainers.  ;D ;D ;D
  8. Careful Arthur,
                   It looks like that has almost happened in my unit, RMO is a civvie still waiting for new replacement for the old one using dial-a-doc, half the medics are civvies and the med centre doesn’t like dealing with soldiers (not much profit). The gym doesn’t open in the evenings (short of qualified PTIs) so if you work late as most people do you have to join a civvie gym anyway. At least the Padre is still green that’s when they don’t keep sending him away for months at a time to cover Op tours. Still at least the RCMO is a soldier.
  9. Yeah, but the RCMO is frequently an ex RSM whose idea of management is to tellthe lads to stop arrseing around and sort themselves out and whose welfare approach is "give 'er a slap"
  10. Usually an acomplished Padshagger if he's in the teeth arms........Probably
  11. Families Officers should be professional social workers, not recently appointed WOs.  You can not expect a recently promoted WO to be able to deal with tact and diplomacy when faced with social/marital problems.  
  12. Can we just sort out some of the other busy bodies in the system - like certain civilian MRS staff.  The amount of times they hide behind "medical in confidence" is unbeliveable, and unjustified.  I do want to know which soldiers in my unit are on Prozac (as well as officers)!
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well spanner you are not allowed to unless the individual tells you. It`s against the law!
  14. I am only asking as it does concern me that someone who is on anti-depressants could be a real liability.  If they could extend the "medical in confidence" to at least OCs, then I think most of us would probably let it lie.  After all, the whole of the wive's club normally knows anyway......
  15. I had an RSM in Germany who got caught shagging the Naafi bird over the beercrates in the mess - literally-he got posted and rocked up in soldier magazine a few months latershaking some VIP by the hand and the caption read "Capt ******** families' officer of 3 ****".  He would be well placed to advise on domestic troubles!!!