Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by WAKENING DISPUTE, Jul 14, 2002.

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  1. How is it that most units have a "Families office" and not a "Welfare office".

    If your at a unit with a "Welfare office" and you need help with a problem, does that make you a Welfare Case?

    Have a think about that 2 Bn?  
  2. Let bug all families /welfare offices so everyone can listen in, encourage family/welfare officers to blab about all problems however sensitive.Even broadcast weekly a selected few on BFBS. Then just watch the appointments diminish.

    Afterall if you know the true story the rumourmongers would be out of a job  .

    well batted Brucie
  3. As an ever-increasing percentage of Army personnel are single, I think it's been deemed inappropriate to use the term 'family' when most cases do, in fact relate to a 'singlie': 'welfare' is neutral as to whom it's directed at; 'family' implies that the service is exclusively for Army families - which it certainly isn't!
  4. What used to be the Unit Families Office is now the Unit Welfare Office, and now has responsibility for singlies too. It's an EO thing. In other words, the singlies as well as the pads can now pour out their innermost problems to a former RSM and then either a) be told to pull himself together, b) watch his story, told in confidence, be spread about the camp by the wifeys who work in the UWO, or c) never go there again because he can't stand the sight of so many big women in Ron Hills (c/w child, grubby, qty 3), yelling that they want their husband back off ops/ex.

    On the other hand there are some very good UWOs who do a genuinely good job...
  5. Are Viro, I can see that the force is indeed strong in you, The nail has been hit firmly on the head!
    I can say with confidence,

    It is not true that Families Officer is there to tell everyone your problems :roll:

    It is not true that he is there to tell yourself to get it together :roll:

    It is not true that he really doesn't know what he is doing and that he just wings it on a daily basis hoping that any problems that he has been told will just go in time.

    Remember the great Families Officer system. If you hear nothing about a problem after 13 days, stick it in file 13. Do not contact the soldier, he may come back 8O [/img]
  6. Monkey, your story is an all too familiar one; as is the avatar you have chosen. In fact it looks suspiciously like a Families Officer in a Squawk Regt up north 8O
  7. Welfare in the Army "Humbug" your right ViroBono.
    Whats those six words oh yes ( everthing you tell us is Confidential) "Humbug". Three times i went and by the time i got back the CSM know everything.
  8. I remember a campaign a few years ago in BFG to encourage soldiers to talk about drug-taking. There was the usual programme of posters, BFBS radio ads and articles in Sixth Sense, all urging anyone who was using to talk to SSAFA 'in confidence' (amongst others). Which was curious, as SSAFA's confidentiality code would in fact require them to report any criminal act or anything which may affect operational ability. :?

    Curiously, SSAFA have managed to keep confidential is the qualifications of the staff manning their helpline. Then again, does it matter? I have come across few soldiers who don't view this particular service as dubious.
  9. I've only come across one instance of the helpline being used: they gave the caller the number of his unit padre to ring!

    Only heard of one helpline operator: she was the welfare officer's wife.
  10. I am sorry to hear these tales of UWOs blabing your problems all over the place.

    As a UWO myself, I can assure you that this type of Welfare Officer is few and far between. The UWO, (yes most are exRSMs) is there to help anyone, single or married, that comes into the welfare office.

    If your UWO is breaking the Code of Confidentiality then he isnt doing his job. All the UWOs that I know do a cracking job and only let the Chain of Command know things that they need to know. If yours isnt doing his job then complain to your OC. He is supposed to be there to help not blab your problems.

    Dont be put off by one bad experience. The UWO is there to help and most do.
  11. Hmmmmmm and it took you until the third time to realise?

    Rearrange the following at your leisure - "tool, the, sharpest, in, not, the, box"