Families of fallen soldiers denied any legal aid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/02/11/niraq11.xml

    Alas, situation in Russia maybe is even worse in these sad matters.
  2. Thanks for that link. This situation is unbelievable! How can they allow these families to suffer even more after what they have had to go through.

    I know if I was to be killed in Iraq or Afghanistan the last thing that I would want for my family is for them to have to go through more s*** like this!

    To any Army Legal Service people ou there, what help can these families ask for? legal aid etc...
  3. Surely if you want Legal Aid all you have to do is become a criminal.... oh.
  4. Did you honestly expect anything else under this Government? Disgusting as the case may be, it comes as no surprise.
  5. Thanks for the Link Sergey, rude email to my MP although I suspect it will go into an ethereal toilet. I suspected that the Rodina was just the same as us. The Politicos have no morals and even less qualms about fcuking the toops over.


    "Thirty million men and women served in the Red Army during WWII. Over eight million of them died. Living or dead, they have remained anonymous. This is partly due to the Soviet Union's policy of stressing the collective nature of its sacrifice and victory. It also reflects the continuing reluctance of most Soviet veterans to discuss their experiences—in sharp contrast to German survivors of the Eastern Front. Merridale, professor of history at the University of London, combines interviews, letters and diaries with research in previously closed official archives to present the first comprehensive portrait of the Red Army's fighters. She carefully details the soldiers' age and ethnic diversity, and she puts a human face on a fact demonstrated repeatedly by retired U.S. officer and Soviet military expert David Glantz: the Red Army learned from the experience of its near-collapse in 1941, and by 1945 its soldiers were more than a match for their Wehrmacht opponents. Most poignantly, Merridale reveals that frontline soldiers increasingly hoped their sacrifices would bring about postwar reform—"Communism with a human face." What they got instead was a Stalinist crackdown—and a long silence, broken now by this outstanding book. "

    I've read the book and once the initial parades were out of the way, the boys and girls coming back home were a pain in the arrse.

    If you want a copy you can borrow mine.
  6. You have to be a terrorist or a convicted rapist to get legal aid.
  7. I really don't understand this at all. Why are families having to pay legal fees for an Inquest.

    I thought that an inquest was raised by the state and not the individual and therefore why should there be legal expenses for the relatives?
  8. Or a heroin addict !


    but an upstanding law abiding citizen who contributes to society in a positve way ? - no bloody chance clear off, we're too busy looking after the less fortunate specimens (who just need a hug) who inflict havoc in our communities and terrorise our citizens !!
  9. I have an impression that you write about Russia. Numerous bribed lawyers, specially created 'human rights' groups defend in Russia rights of criminals - thives, robbers, murderers. Literally daily you can see programmes on Russian TV 'devoted' to 'poor' prisoners, how they 'suffer' in their 'uncomfortable' jails. Meanwhile victims are absolutely defendless.
  10. Welcome to Democracy Sergei. Give it some time, it get's worse.
  11. I find this to be a complete crock of shit. Nobody in this country has to pay for an inquest, it is legally required in the following circumstances:

    The Registrar of Deaths is obliged by statute to notify the coroner in the following circumstances:

    • Where the deceased person had not been seen by a doctor after death or during the 14 days preceding death.

    • The deceased was not attended by a registered medical practitioner during his last illness

    • Deaths which occur during operation or anaesthetic or within 24 hours of the operation or full recovery from anaesthetic or where there is reason to believe the cause of death is related to the operation or anaesthetic.

    • A death in respect of which the Registrar is unable to complete the certificate of cause of death.

    • Where the cause of death is unknown.

    • Any death where the registrar has reason to believe it was unnatural or caused by violence, neglect, abortion or to have been attended by suspicious circumstances.

    • Any death which appears from the contents of any medical certificate to have been due to industrial disease or industrial poisoning.

    • Any 'stillbirth' where there is reason to believe that the child was born alive.

    If the death has been reported to the coroner the Registrar will be unable to register the death until he is informed by the coroner either that he does not intend to hold an inquest, or after a post mortem, the coroner informs him of the cause of death. If the coroner does decide to hold an inquest, within 5 days of the conclusion of the inquiry the coroner must provide the necessary registration details to the Registrar to enable registration of the death to take place.

    I have personally had to go through the ordeal of going through an inquest, and my personal experience is that the coroner's are excellent. They are compassionate, thorough and I have total respect for what they do. They are politically unbiased and will say what needs to be said.
  12. If the relatives through the estate of the deceased have a potential claim as a result of negligence, then their legal repesentatives' fees at the inquest might be recoverable should the coroner's findings assist.

    Seek advice from The Royal British Legion on 020 7973 7215.
  13. god sake man, is russia all you ever talk about?!?!?! this is the BRITISH ARMY RUMOUR SERVICE NOT THE RUSSIAN ARMY RUMOUR SERVICE!!

    nobody cares about whats going on in russia, this is about britain.

    it gets really boring having to read post after post of stuff about russia!!
  14. god sake man, is russia all you ever talk about?!?!?! this is the BRITISH ARMY RUMOUR SERVICE NOT THE RUSSIAN ARMY RUMOUR SERVICE!!

    nobody cares about whats going on in russia, this is about britain.

    it gets really boring having to read post after post of stuff about russia!!
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Sergei has clocked up over 3K posts, many of them interesting and thought provoking. You would be wise to open your eyes and ears to things that occur outside your personal space. Oh, and don't be such a cocky little twerp with your "ooh I've got over 30 posts, I must be part of the gang" attitude.