Families lay wreath at Downing Street

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Disco, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. Time to face the public Mr Bliar..


    Transcript of the letter

    Well said...
  2. And Jim Buchanan threatens TCH on tv...............

    Speaking for a hell of lot of people, family, friends alike too.
  3. I don't think it's right to use the period of Remembrance to make a political point. Lay the wreath at your son's grave, or at the Cenotaph, where it belongs. Then make your point elsewhere.
  4. From the Guardian

  5. I quite agree

    Lest We Forget
  6. Theres a time and place for everything. Remembrance is not it.

    Lest we forget.

  7. Anger is a very powerful emotion and I think these people are being blinded by it. I also believe there are some unscrupulous politicians out there using the peoples' anger to further their political macinations.

    I agree with the point they are trying to make but perhaps they should have choosen a more appropriate time for this. Remembrance is for all to remember the fallen, irrespective of political differences.

    First and foremost is to remember. Politics comes second
  8. I say this with the deepest sympathy to the families of the soldiers killed on Op BRACKEN. It is a tragedy, but nonetheless, it happened on operations, which are intrinsically dangerous. I myself am currently serving on Op TELIC, along with 9000 other british soldiers, men and women.

    I feel however, that the media are overstepping the mark, by allowing something like family grief, to become a public frenzy. I feel it dishonours the memories of those who died, to allow such a sad event to be politicised, dramatised, and plastered all over the news. Let the families grieve in peace, give them space and time to reflect. Do not whip up their emotions, and push them into making such awful comments in a moment of anger. They were soldiers, and good ones too. Let them rest in peace, and let their families be.

    Finally, lets stop this Post Diana public mourning, and get back to the stiff upper lip! It's alot more becoming, and shows great dignity and respect.
  9. Exactly - Stiff uper lip never hurt (apart from shaving niks).