Familiea Welfare Grant (FWG)

After many months of wrangling and poor information, I am at a loss............some friends nearby who have family and partners deployed have been informed that the Regimental 2IC has decided to "use" the FWG for "other" Regimental activities.....buying stuff that can be used long term by the soldiers, funding ski-ing and other events such as Christmas parties.

My issue (on their behalf) is that I believe this to be wrong?? Surely the FWG is there to support the families of those deployed and as such, cannot be siphoned off by the very Officer who should be ensuring its correct use?? I'm not moaning because the soldiers are getting it - far from it, what worries me is that the families are not getting the £4.40 per week for each soldier who is deployed...............


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I am pretty sure this is not allowed. The RAO will have the 'gospel' but from what I can remember this is, at minimum, against the guidelines and the spirit of the FWG, if not the rules. The R2IC probably needs to check this...if only to cover his own ARRSE.

Other than that, if true, very poor decision.

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Have a gander at the JSP for pay & allowances (can't remember the JSP number) on DII - it'll be in there if it can be used for that.
I checked the JSP today.......it clearly says it should be used for the families and there is evidence that this has been going on for the last two years nearly......it makes my blood boil when the families clearly deserve so much more. Oh for a telephone linked to a man who can intervene.............
mention it to your SPS Br on the next LV, or drop them the hint
JSP 770 gives the detail, and this should not be used for anything other than the welfare of families of deployed soldiers. You mention that this has been going on for 2 years, so do you continuously have soldiers deployed? If you are a normal unit you wuold only get the cash during an op deployment (the cash starts to accumulate once the unit has 5 pers deployed). The only way you have it over 2 years is if you are a unit where a small number of troops are continuously deployed. You are sure you are not getting it confused with ECOPF?
No - definately FWG...........really annoying!!
Ensure your RAO knows who, if he is worth his salt, would not be allowing it anyway if he is aware. Go up your own sub-unit chain and someone should begin to question the 2IC.
All resolved now......thanks for the advice :eek:)

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