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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by officer21, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Current stage of application process: recently had my interview with an army careers officer.

    I believe the next step is to make familiarization visits to regiments/corps, send references, CV, medical pack to the AOSB & work on fitness.

    Just wondering how informative are these visits to regiments/corps?

    Is there a limit to how many you can attend?

    Which one's would you recommend?


  2. Surely some people have been on these visits and could give an insight...
  3. Believe it or not, your careers advisor is there to do more than just look pretty. Ask him what's possible.

    As to what to do, how can we answer that? You know what you want to do, so do that; if not, do a range of things.
  4. Hi Officer21,

    So far I've been to a 2 day visit to RMAS and an 5 day Officer Insight Course at Blandford - and I'm off to Blandford in two weeks for 2 days on another fam visit with the Royal Signals, and my ACA has a few more lined up for me to go on - so I don't think there is a limit on how many you can go on.

    I found them very helpful and had a brilliant time. As for an insight, well you get to talk to people (mainly officers) currently serving and ask about their experiences/advice etc. which is really helpful and gives an 'off-the-record' insight, also I've done PT lessons, signals exercises, a night in the field, shooting intros loads of stuff really so I'd recommend them because you really do get a good look at life in the Army.

    I can't really suggest which ones to go on because I've only been on ones aimed at potential officer's not specifically a look at a particular corps, but I'd suggest that you get on as many as possible because they are really good fun.

    Hope that helps a bit :D

    Edited to add: I did a post like this a while ago on Officer Insight Courses, you may find it helpful as a few fam visits have been recommended there

  5. Hi there,

    Wow, I didn't realise how many visits you could go on! Is there any particular reason you've been able to go on so many? I only ask because I have just got back from a fam visit and got offered sponsorship so I was extremely happy and I got told that I was entitled to go on one more (with a different corps) if I wanted, which I will do.

    I was just interested to ask you a bit more about the other visits you have done?

    Many thanks! :D
  6. I think it's because they want you to have a good idea of the role you are interested in and the lifestyle is different depending on the regiment/corps.

    Or so my ACA tells me.
  7. Ok brilliant, thanks for the advice. I'll get back onto my ACA and see what else I can get on in that case...
  8. Hi Anna,

    As silent_scope said, the reason why I have been on so many visits is because my ACA wants me to have some knowledge of a variety of corps and he thinks that it shows commitment if you have made the effort to gain an insight before selection. Having said that, there's no reason why those who haven't been on fam visits should be disadvantaged in any way because they aren't an actual requirement, more an advisory measure so I wouldn't worry if you don't go on many. Also, getting sponsorship will already demonstrate that you are committed and a good candidate to invest in, and if you accept their sponsorship, then you can usually go on fam visits with that corps at any time prior to your entry into RMAS anyway so if you want to do more, the opportunity is there.

    If you have any more questions, just PM me and I'll be happy to help :D
  9. Great thanks so much for the reply! I just didn't realise that you had the opportunity to do so much, prior to the AOSB. I'm very keen to soak up as much knowledge as I can prior to my briefing, I feel as though I would benefit hugely from it, especially because I did find the leaderless command task was probably the thing which I found hardest. I guess it's probably the thing, for me, which I find most removed from anything I'm used to doing and I know that I am perfectly capable of getting to grips with them...it just may take me a bit of practice!
  10. Hi all.

    Ive got a few visit's coming up in the next few months. Im heading up to Sandhurst on 10th and 11th of march. 20th and 21st of July ive got a visit to the RLC; with a potential visit on 13th and 14th of July for the RE. Im just wondering if anyone will be on any of these and what to expect.
  11. You get sponsored by a Regiment or corps to GO TO RMAS, once you get to them, the affiliation becomes a moot point. If at Sandhurst you decide to go Infantry instead of your Sponsored Regiment, then crack on - you attend an Arms and Services Fair, see all of them pitch their wares and then make a choice on where you would like to go. This is how it worked when I was at Sandhurst (only 9 years ago), so would imagine it still happens.

    For example, you may go for an RA and a R Signals Fam, but when you get to RMAS, decide that actually you want to go RE. you can then change your mind.

    I would recommend doing some research before hand into what you think will interest you (Infantry, Armour, Artillery, Technical stuff, etc), then look to get a range of fam visits under your belt.

    Certain people are suited to certain jobs, so take a look and your lifelong aspiration to be a Cavalry Officer may not turn out to be your cup of tea. Also, they get to see you and as pointed out, may offer you sponsorship as a "good egg" or conversely, politely let you know that another stream may be for you.
  12. Hey JS117,

    I'm going to the RLC visit on the 20th -21st July as well.

    Where are you travelling up from?
  13. Hi guys,

    I'm not long back from the RLC visit.

    Its a cracking 24 hours. Plenty of activities packed in, and lots of oppertunities to ask questions with serving officers.

    Oh, and a free bar in the mess, which can get nasty! :twisted:

  14. I went on an PO visit to sandhurst on the 10th and 11th,

    It was eye opening, what a laugh. I met some great people and it answered alot of the questions i had and more. Cant say the OC's were all that happy with entertaining us, they had to go on their final ex the next night.

    Anyway thinking about the officer route, ask your aca for a visit.
  15. When people say sponsorship, do they get this before or after thier AOSB?

    If it is before is it mentioned during your AOSB, i.e. the selection board look more favourably on you because you have sponsorship from a corp/ regiment.

    Also on the Familiarization Visits are you always there to get sponsorship (i.e. the regiment are assesing you) or is it just an insight into military life with sponsorship if the visit goes well being an added bonus??