Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. I've been on this site 5years or more, and It's only recently I've realised that most of you seem to know each other outside of this website,(there seems to be a insider's clique) I assumed it was an open site for all but I feel reluctant to post now because of that...outsider and all that.., is that the case on here?
  2. Not telling....
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  3. If you don't know the special handshake....

    and then there are the 'secret rooms' to get outraged about
  4. Right!!
    that's that cleared up then.
  5. I regularly bum Pararegtom and VanHelsing, if that helps.

    It's a terrible trouble but usually works out ok in the end.
  6. Familiarity breeds contempt.
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  7. An outsider?!?! Burn him!!


    Saying that......you've not met Dale?!?! Count your blessing!
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  8. Apparently my ex oc is one of the original ARRSErs but not sure which on (possible good or bad co) but doubt he knows who i am :?
  9. I had the misfortune of meeting a couple of the cretins, sorry posters, from this site once.
    Never again. They were all far too polite in person.
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  10. But don't take my word for it....I am only on the first degree.
  11. I was in chat last night and it was far too polite. I was shocked I can tell you!
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  12. AHA!! I knew it ...Masonic involement.
    My old dad was one of them, he said if he could have advanced one more degree he could have gone to Hogwarts and done spells.
  13. Once you pay your subs,a whole new world will open up for you.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I feel I have dealt with the issue of The ARRSE Insiders Newsletter and our temporary technical problems in another place? If you did not receive it, blame meridian who was always a spastic cunt and has been demoted for drooling. Should you not feel I have done enough to enhance your free ARRSE experience please PM my PA's, Snail and BigBird. Their doors are always open.

    Yours et and cetera, Good CO.
  15. Spastic cunt. LOLZ