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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Little_Me, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm about to start the application process was wondering which visits people would recommend to go on to gain a good overview of army life?
  2. The Gunners do a good one at Larkhill near Salisbury. 2 or 3 days depending on your age and experience and give a good flavour of all posts open to you upon commissioning.

    PM me if you want further contact details etc.

    PS. They're normally booked through a careers office or suchlike.

    Happy hunting.
  3. The potential infantry officers fam visit in Warminster is well worth a look, when I did it we had a go on the almost brand new Javelin simulator which by then most of the army hadn't seen as well as some fitness a visit to the Royal Welsh and a ride in a warrior as well as some more activites including a guided tour of the small arms mueseum which though sounds rather boring is really interesting.
    You stay in single room accomadation of a decent size and are fed in a decent enough mess.
  4. RAC, definitely.

    Though the Gunners had better food...
  5. I visited both a cavalry and an infantry Regiment, and did the Gunners and RE visits. All of them very interesting and eye-opening. You can't do too many fam visits.
  6. I'm off down to Bovington in a couple of weeks, is it a good visit?
  7. damn fcuking right it is

    If you're lucky, you'll get shown round by the RTR captain we had. He'll take you round Bovvy Tank Museum, which sounds dry, but which he makes properly fascinating.

    No PT, you'll get tested on classical music (!), drive a challenger simulator, clamber over CVRTs and Challies looking at their working parts & so on, be interviewed over tea & toast, watch the range firing at Lulworth from a weird tower thing, dine with YOs (again at Lulworth, i think) & be bought endless drinks by armoured inf officers on courses..

    we stayed up till 4 drinking with a Kingo Lt, then he went to be bed. 1/2 hour later, he comes back downstairs wearing only Union Jack boxers & wielding an unsheathed sword. we drop our drink & stare, he sees us & says 'shit, i didn't realise anyone was still down here'. WTF did he think he was doing then? nuts. top bloke though.

    cracking visit, learned a lot, got a real feel for cav life (ie a lot less rugger bugger than RA), RAC utterly sells itself.
    i just wish i could have squeezed in a quick trip to Monkey World, next door!

  8. Best advice is to visit as many different units as you can. Its a good chance to get a good insight into the range of different careers available and will help you decide what you want to do. Its free, so have fun.
  9. I've done both RA and RAC visits recently and both were good. Probably the only way to get a feel for each regt prior to joining.

    RA visit was top class, really good laugh and a good insight into the regiment. Watched some light gun firing, had a pop at the obstacle course, and the drink up with the YOs was suitably legend. RAC was good too but slightly marred by the fact it was under subscribed and the YOs seemed to have disappeared on exercise or something. Nevertheless a worthwhile trip, great watching Chally firing at 5 Tips and meeting some Inf 2Lts fresh from PCBC in the mess. Monkey World would have been a very welcome addition but alas, it was not to be.

    Even if youre sure which way you want to go, it always pays to have a look around.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    As many as possible... seriously.
  11. A complete duffer of a question so I apologise. When you say "I've done an RAC visit" do you mean there is just a generic armoured visit or is it regiment specific?

    I was rather hoping to give the LD or QRL a run over as I fancy FR, which is not your regular armoured role. Hence if I went on a generic RAC visit would it be geared towards being a full blown tankie?

    Thanks in advance for any answers serious or not!
  12. If the process hasn't change since I went, you'll go on the RAC visit first, where they'll try to match you up to a regiment. Then you toddle off to meet the Regimental Colonel at the Cav & Guards Club, where he gently grills you, and if that works out well, you'll go to the regiment proper to meet the YOs.
  13. my bold
    joke surely!!!

    WTF not???

    yes because then detects potential leadership????

    i dont understand what is the point on doing a PO visit and not actual assess them???
  14. No, no joke. I can't speak on their (RAC) behalf, but perhaps they considered that, in the limited time available, there were other things to be assessed?
    I wasn't planning on becoming a PTI (or a Para)...

    Fitness gets assessed at RCB, and more intensively at RMAS, I believe. It's important, yes, but there are other aspects to becoming an officer- I doubt Wayne Rooney would breeze through RMAS, eg.
  15. I would reinforce all the advice given above about seeing as much of the Army as you can.

    I am an Inf Officer but visited R Sigs, RA, various Inf Regts and another few that I can't remember as it was about 15 years ago!

    Get a feel for both the soldiers and the officers as these are the people you will be working for and with for at least the first 5 years of your career.

    You will very quickly know where you feel at home. Don't worry about the perceived social exclusivity of some regiments, most of that is long gone. Visit anyway and you will quickly know what it is right for you.