Familiarisation Visits

Evening All. This topic would perhaps be better suited to the Officer Recruiting forum but I believe I would get a bit more information here. Basically going through the process of joining the army as an officer at the moment (although not even had the interview with my ACA yet), but from what I gathered from his presentation he seems to be rather keen on people going on Fam Visits.

I am hoping to join the Infantry once I pass Main Board and get commissioned after RMAS, and was wondering if anyone could provide information on fam visits for the Royal Regiment of Fusilers, Welsh Guards and Adjudant Generals Corps (I specialised in HR at University, in case i do not get into the infantry).

Thanks in advance for any help.
Firstly, although in the Infantry, I am not in either of those Regiments. That being said, if you do a google search for both Royal Welsh and Welsh Guards Regimental Headquarters then you will get the addresses and phone numbers for each. Additionally, if you go to the top of this forum (Officers) and look at Regular Officer Recruiting then you will find loads more about Fam visits. Good luck.


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